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How do you say, "happy recovery" in Russian?

Asked by Peinrikudo (232points) February 4th, 2010

Um, the question is pretty self-explanatory. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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all i could find was this:

happy circumstances
благоприятное условие

happy guess
правильная догадка

happy journey
счастливого пути

many happy returns of the day
поздравляю с днем рождения

recovery against property
взыскание на имущество

recovery against property
взыскание на имущество

recovery of a sum
взыскание суммы

recovery of losses
возмещение потерь

business recovery
оживление деловой активности

economic recovery
оживление (деловой активности)
фаза оживления в экономическом цикле

pace of economic recovery
темпы оживления экономики

phase of recovery in the cycle
фаза оживления в цикле

фаза оживления ( в экономическом цикле)
* economic recovery
* phase of recovery in the cycle
* pace of economic recovery

so im guessing ”правильная фаза оживления”

dont take my word for it though

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Saying “Happy Recovery” in Russian sounds odd. Wishing someone a speedy recovery is better, I think. In that case, you’re looking for ”Скорого выздоровления!”

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Thanks! That’ will work just fine! :)


Thanks for trying! :)

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I would need a little phonetics here. I have the desire to learn some greek phrases but I’d have to learn the alphabet first.

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Выздаравливай, скорого выздоровления, желаю здоровья

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