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How would you rate the FAMS?(Federal Air Marshal Service)

Asked by john65pennington (29197points) February 4th, 2010

I have just read a disturbing article, concerning FAMS. it appears they have padded their official government documents, to have made more arrests and logged more airmiles, than what is true. there is so much turmoil in the FAMS now, that rumors of racial discrimiantation and age violations are rampant. according to the CNN report, only 4 arrests have been made at a cost of 800 million dollars. according to my caculations, thats 200 million dollars an arrest. thats outrageous. whats the problem with FAMS? shouldn’t the flying public expect more for their safety in the skies?

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Can you provide a link? I’d like to read the article. Sure doesn’t sound like FAMS is working, though.

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CNN news report last night. appeared on my cellphone.

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I was a deputy US Marshal for five years. i was thinking of going back into the service into the Air Marshal Service, but after reading this article, now i am not so sure. this is the reason i asked this question. john

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I have a friend who is an FAA agent, from what he has told me its a joke.
There has been several high profile “oopsies” with the FAMS over the last few years. Like a good chunck of them failing background checks:

Anything the TSA touches is a big steaming pile of shit.

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