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How long were you in your relationship before the question was popped? Before you got married?

Asked by Oxymoron (1239points) February 4th, 2010

How did he propose to you? Were you expecting it? How long between the engagement and the marriage?

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We knew each other about a month before we started dating. After we dated two weeks he asked me to marry him. We got married about four months later. we’ve been married 11 years.

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@knitfroggy – Wow, that’s so rare that a situation like that would last for as long as it has. Congrats on finding the right guy!

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Thirteen years of living together with interest and faithfulness before we got married. I was the one who suggested it and then we waited about six months for good weather. The marriage continued another sixteen years, and then he died.

Good question.

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@susanc – I’m sorry for you loss. =(

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About six months of long-long-distance romance transpired before we moved in together. A year later we got married. I think it was about two months from proposal to wedding. The proposal was about as offhand as they come, but it worked just as well as any other kind. That was 32 years ago.

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@knitfroggy thats awesome

wow, every one has an amazing story

@susanc sorry to hear that

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We dated for six months. We proposed to each other-

basically we said
‘hey, you wanna?’
‘yeah, do you?’
‘you bet, this is awesome’
‘any reason we should wait?’
‘none I can think of- let’s do this!’

proper punctuation omitted to further drive home the very relaxed conversational nature of our proposal.

Going strong on four years now. We still get made fun of for being ‘too cute’. Urgh.

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My wife and I were together 3 years before we got engaged and then another 3 years before we got married (10 years ago) We moved in together about 18 months after we met but pretty much as soon as we became an “item”.

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My husband and I met at a convention on Memorial Day. I moved in with him on the Fourth of July. We married on Labor Day, 35 years ago.

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When we first met, my relationship to my lady was more that of bodyguard, then caregiver, then lover. We were engaged 4½ years after we first met; married six months later. We were married happily for ten years before she was killed three months ago. I will be joining her soon.

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My husband and I had an instant attraction when we met at the age of 20. We discussed marriage, but he never proposed to me. When I became pregnant 5 months into our relationship, I asked what he thought about getting married before the baby was born. We married 10 months into our relationship when I was 4½ months pregnant. We will be celebrating our 19 year anniversary in less than 2 months.

@gemiwing That is almost exactly how our discussion went. How cute! :)

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About 16 months from going out together to marriage. We had met about a year before we started going out. We were engaged for about 6 months before the wedding.

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We met at a friends BBQ in May, began dating in June, got engaged the following April, and married that August. So, 11 months after meeting to engagement.
We just celebrated 25 years of marriage last year.

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Six months. she knew, i knew, the family knew, our neighbors knew…....

That this was long enough. and, it was.

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He asked me after dating/living together for a month. (we moved in together after a week..) It was “official” five months later.
We got married almost exactly two years after he gave me an engagement ring. We had a baby during that time, and I did not want to get married while pregnant. Then we waited until our son was 13 months old. We’ve been married a year and a half now.

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We met. She moved in about a month later. 1 month after that I asked her to marry me and we got married a month later. In September we will have been married for 9 years.

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Three months, hence the reason I am divorced now.

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Okay, I’m going to take this chance to tell my parents love-story. It is my favorite fairy tale!

My parents we’re set up on a blind date by their friends. My Dad was in his “biker” phase, big leather jacket dark glasses and to make it short my Mum nearly baked out because he looked pretty scary.

Their second date my Mum went to his apartment and he cooked dinner, then they rolled a gigantic jar of coins my Dad had around and talked till the sun came up. He sent her flowers and visited her at work.

Two weeks later my Dad proposed and 2 months after they we’re married. It will be 25 years this August for them. I have never seen a more perfect couple, they are two peas in a pod. My Dad has always said that as soon as he had that first dance with my Mum he knew she was it. They have walked through heaven and hell together, raised my sister and I and have created a beautiful life for them and their family.

I owe it to my parents and the magnitude of what they have found in each other to the fact that I have found my SO. I have lived with true-love, soul-mates, my whole life and in seeing them together I have discovered exactly what it is that I wanted in my partner, a soul-mate. The kind of deep and timeless love they found in each other.

I consider my parents two of the luckiest people in the world, and I’m so grateful to have been able to make my own life lucky through them <3

My parents kick butt!!!!

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It was three months for me and I’m still married. Hence…

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After a few years of being platonic best friends, we decided to “date”. Two weeks later he asked me to marry him and yes, I kind of knew a proposal was coming because at that point we both felt life couldn’t get any better and that we “had it all”. Our engagement was a year and a half and the marriage about 7yrs.

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six months…

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We got together Summer 2007 – we knew we’d be with each other…marriage didn’t come up, we could have cared less…then I got pregnant, my insurance dropped my gyno and I wanted him so we got married for that reason…in November 2008…there was no need for a proposal, we’re not into traditions.

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@ElleBee You were so lucky to have parents like that. Mine were like two ice cubes.

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