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What are some pet peeves you have when it comes to cell phones (such as texting and calling)?

Asked by eLenaLicious (822points) February 4th, 2010

It absolutely irritates me when someone sends me a text first asking what I am doing, and replies with one or two word texts the rest of the time we are texting….

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pps nt used vwlse? kno rite? lol :). My body trembled in sadness and despair while writing that. I’m off to go hug a vowel.

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@VohuManah haha thtz fnny..oh wait Y is a vowel right??? O.o

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Crossing the crosswalk while texting at my very busy, very large school. The reason being they are completely oblivious to the fact there are cars! You can’t just cross the street without like looking first, which the texting walkers never do.

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People who still talk on the phone and drive, even though it is now against the law in my state.

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People who text while we’re in the middle of a conversation.

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My pet peeve is how the cell phone is a security blanket for so many people. I worked visitation at the jail last weekend, and had to cut 8 visits short because the people ignored clearly posted signs to turn their cell phones off.

@hug_of_war I saw a post on Facebook last night citing over 1000 ER visits in NY from people texting while walking

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You deserve a million Lurve. I agree. People who walk into you because they walk around public places on there Cell Phones. I think we should have some type of weapon to repel them; and bring them back to the real world. They are in every mall and Supermarket. They are all over Manhattan.

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OMG Let me tell you….
1. Sending like 3 texts that say the same thing. I GOT YOUR TEXT THE FIRST TIME!
2.Don’t call me 2–3 minutes after you sent a text asking me why I haven’t responded to the text! I WILL GET TO IT WHEN I GET TO IT
3. Call me if its an emergency, DON“T send a text and then get mad because I didn’t receive it in a timely manner or didn’t respond back right away.
4. YES TEXTS DO NOT GET TO THE PHONE DUE TO CRAPPY PHONE SERVICE. I am NOT ignoring you, I simply did not get the message in a timely manner or not at all.
5. I AM DRIVING! That means I am not going to answer the phone or respond to your text. Just because your willing to risk your life dosn’t mean I am.

Those are the big ones.

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Whenever I’m on the Long Island Rail Road, some barely post-adolescent numbnut feels as though they have to announce their business and that of their phone buddy to all and sundry.

No, I don’t want to hear you two congratulate yourselves on getting So-and-so’s girlfriend to give you both a beej in the bushes of the backyard at the party last night while “dude was only 10 feet away, hahahahaha!”*

No, I don’t want to hear about your 2000 sq. ft. addition to your house.*

No, I don’t want to know about the argument you and “Ma” are having about the wedding.*

No, I don’t want to hear every. single. excruciating. detail. of your break-up argument.*

No, I don’t want to hear it. Keep your business to yourself! You are not impressing anyone!

* – actual overheard conversation!

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I hate it when I am at the grocery store and the person in front of me is talking on their cell phone instead of getting their groceries unloaded, paying, etc. Drives me nuts. Seriously, shut your damn phone for a minute and take care of the business at hand.

I also hate the people that walk around with a blue tooth and talk like they are really frickin’ important and we should all be impressed. You just look like a nut job that is having a conversation with yourself.

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Hearing the minutiae of everyone’s lives in a public place.

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Sometimes I wish we could throw the inconsiderate dangerous morons that text and talk on phones while driving in jail. I think we should make it a two hundred dollar fine to walk into people in any public place. A thousand dollar fine for talking or texting while driving; and if they can not pay throw them in jail. They kill people every day. In NYC it is against the law but they still talk and text while driving.

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txting while walking is pretty obnoxious. Txting while driving is idiotic. What bothers me the most though is when people actually txt while in class when a teacher is giving a lecture. It is very rude

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Everyone can be proactive about these without instigating a fight. Pass out cards like this one . . .

Read about it here:

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My one Pet Peeve is the Cel-Phone itself.

Nothing but a ball and chain.

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Here it is not being able to get a signal, due to hilly terrain and lack of towers. For emergencies (which is the only reason I own a cell phone) I have to stand on the roof of my car, in the driveway, to get two bars.

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As someone else said I just hate the thing itself. I hate it because of the expectation that if you own a cell phone, you must be available to answer every call and text no matter what time it is or what you may be doing. I long for the days of my youth, when you could leave home for a few hours and people just wouldn’t be able to reach you. And it was O.K. The world kept on turning.

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But you can answer or not at a time of your own choosing. No one is obligated to be at the beck and call of others 24–7. I never answer the phone or reply to a text when I don’t want to, for better or worse.

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Here’s a few more:

People who answer calls while we’re hanging out together. I had this one friend that would always answer the phone and talk to his girlfriend for about 30 minutes while we’re out eating or something. I mean, okay – answer and talk for 2–5 minutes but Christ, a half hour? I should have pretended to go to the bathroom and left.

People who answer/text on their phones in movie theaters. Omg.

People who answer/text in the middle of class. If the class is that boring, why not just drop it and pick something that isn’t?

People who carry their phones around with them at the gym. Really? Wow.

It is annoying in grocery stores while people are on their phones and not paying attention.

Okay, you can answer your phone while driving, but can you at least limit your conversation to a minute or two? And if you want to text, pull over and let everyone else drive.

I know multi-tasking is a big thing in our culture but cell phones are becoming a big distraction to daily life. It’s mind boggling how people even have the audacity to completely stop what they’re doing and allow themselves to be distracted so easily by their phones.

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Just because I have a cell phone, people think they should be able to get ahold of me all the time. Sometimes I just prefer to not be reachable.
As far as texting goes, I hate trying to text out a long response, and before I can send it, someone calls me, and my message is erased!

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I had cardiac rehab yesterday, and thought of another peeve. At the cardiac center there are signs posted everywhere that cell phone use is not allowed, yet there is always some dingbat yakking away. What do you suppose the chances are of them screwing up their own monitors? Yeah, slim and none…

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