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How long do alpacas live for?

Asked by mouseman69 (4points) February 5th, 2010

I was simply considering delving into the idea of raising Alpacas. For leisure as well as possible profit. Anyone know about the lifespan of alpacas?

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Alpacas live, on average, 15–20 years

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Until I get my hands on them.

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One ugly animal.. haha

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What are Alpacas?

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@Dibley An adorable little land mammal from South America.

The natives down there used to use them basically as their equivalent for sheep to make clothing and whatnot. Today they’re still used for that, but are beginning to be used as general livestock.

(They look a bit uglier when shaved, but actually pretty funny)

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@westy81585 They look like Llamas.

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@Dibley They’re closely related.

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If you have the money and live in the right location I’d say get them, they are a worthy investment in the right location.

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