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Nihilism is affecting me with school at a young age. Now what.

Asked by EmptyKyia (5points) February 5th, 2010

Seriously, I can’t even think straight. I get NO sleep and have to deal with so many problems like you wouldn’t imagine. Not the ” Oh god my life sucks cuts self”. I do feel like that. But It’s really bad to have a case of nihilism at such a young age. I just need to know how to get through school and all this shit.

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Spend time thinking about what is good in your life. What blessings you have. What you have to be thankful for.

Much of life is how we deal with it.

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How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time. Trying to fix too many things at once is a waste of time.

Make a list of everything that’s going on that’s a problem, and then step back and pretend they are someone else’s problems. See if you can group them—sometimes problems have a common theme, and by fixing one, you can actually fix many. Some things you can fix, some things you can improve, and some things you just have to accept.

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The only time the bear gets to lead is when you choose to dance with him.

Pretend you’re in Port au Prince now; no food, no water, no shelter, possibly no more family and no prospects.

Get out and do something nice for someone else. Carry an old lady’s groceries to her car; you’ll feel less nihilistic.

Talk to your doctor about your insomnia problems. Not sleeping will depress anyone.

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Even if nothing means anything and that there’s no point to whatever defines us and everything else, the fact that it’s a problem for you means you wanna live and find some purpose.
I know love just represents procreation and that what my emotions tell me about it is nothing but propelling, but I don’t care. Make up something good if you have to.
That’s what people do alla time anyways. Find meaning where there ain’t any…because even if we believe everything is lame, doesn’t mean it is.
You asked the question. It’s a good start.

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Have you seen a doctor? Your view of the world sounds like it should be checked out. You might be depressed. Even if you aren’t, you might want to see a therapist to get help working with this.

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Many go through this at your age. Just keep your head down, your nose in a book and concentrate on test scores. The rest is meaningless. The blind leading the blind. Just do the basic preparation work for a later career. The social part of school at your level is just garbage, ignoring it can’t hurt you but getting on the wrong side of it can. Nerd it out and flip the calender pages.

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