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How to deal with the sarcastic co worker?

Asked by mariealexis (7points) February 5th, 2010

I have a rude co worker that is very loud over talks, rudly interupts consistantly, tries to boss me around about how to perform my job, make rude comments to me and he does this to just about everyone other than our superior.

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This probably isn’t the most effective way…. but I’d fire back with sarcasm. I have a low tolerance for crap from people who have no business judging me.

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Talk to your superior. Tell them you feel uncomfortable. It’s your right.

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Thanks for the tips.

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Tell them nicely to STFU and suggest that they pay attention to their own duties.

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I’m with @Rufus_T_Firefly. (Only I probably wouldn’t be as nice if I was really ticked off about it.)

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1. Calm down.

2. Get your facts straight. The question was about a “sarcastic” co-worker, but everything in the description pointed to loud, rude, overbearing, and potentially or likely bullying. “Sarcasm” may not be your cup of tea, but it’s not those other things. If you accuse someone of being “sarcastic” and bring up those other things, you’ll look silly.

3. Ignore him to the maximum extent possible. Since he’s not your supervisor, you don’t have to follow his wishes (but if he has good ideas then you also shouldn’t ignore those just out of spite). Since you (clearly) don’t much care for him, then you don’t have to include him in conversations with co-workers you want to talk to—and they don’t, either.

4. When he attempts to give you orders is when you need to call in your boss. That’s his turf that’s being invaded then, and up to him to defend it. Rude, overbearing, loud… that’s just part of the friction that we have to put up with from time to time. When it encroaches on your job, though, it’s up to the boss to straighten things out.

5. Keep in mind that the boss may (should) already know what is going on, and is in some kind of tacit approval or too weak or insecure to attempt to change things. So start looking for a new job, too.

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Write an inappropriate, graphic, sexual note signed by him addressed to a female coworker. Be as creative as you need to be in obtaining his signature. (Scanner would help…) If you really want to screw with him, mention some embezzlement plot.

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Do you have one of those eyebrows that can speak for you? If you do, raise that eyebrow in his direction every chance you get. If you don’t. give him that dead stare, the one filled with curiosity, pity and disdain. An unflinching gaze is usually enough to shut them up or at the very least, make them reconsider targeting you.

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I agree with @Silhouette. Give them one of those looks that says “God you’re a moron.” It helps, believe me. It probably won’t entirely stop his behavior (he’ll just feed off of someone else), but it at least might stop him from coming after you. I would also tell your superior. The unfortunate thing is that there’s typically always going to be someone in the office you can’t stand (at least, that’s been my experience).

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Please don’t go whining to your boss because you two can’t play nice. You are in the grownup world now. Just laugh at him, ignore him, do as @Silhouette said but don’t go crying to mommy.

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instead of firing back at will with the same measure he has upon u, think about the consequences and what u could’ve done differently. weigh ur options while considering consulting the superior about it as your last resort. be straightforward with him. whenever he acts rudely and makes sarcastic remarks to you, redeem yourself by asking him questions that expose the root of his crudity and sarcasm. communicate your concerns in a truthful way only to mitigate his bad behaviors without any strings attached. if it continues to happen, let him know that you will inform the superior about his misbehavior. a sarcastic coworker is likely to act rudely and make sarcastic remarks because of some pure selfish reasons. let him know ur intentions against such plight.

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