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Why does the Fluther login box flash red, when i log in?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) February 5th, 2010

Each time i attempt to log into Fluther, the top line in the login box flashes red? does this mean Fluther has a virus? during an eight hour period on Fluther, i have to re-login at least 15 times. i know this is not normal. anyone else having this problem? hey Fluther guys, can you check this out?

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It probably has something to do with your security settings or your protection software on your computer.

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John, I had to log back in this morning, but I had no flashing boxes. Having to log in that many times in one day…there’s definitely something wrong there. Have you changed anything in your settings recently?

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It always does this. Always. When you first hit the sign-in, it flashes red briefly. For those who don’t see it, hit “sing up” instead of logging in. The first box of the sign up thing does it too. It’s not a problem.

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@EmpressPixie ; I stay signed in and don’t have to re sign on except for about every 1–2 weeks. I just go to and I am already signed in.

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@Judi me, too. I just stay signed in.

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Judi, that’s what I normally do as well. Every so often I have to sign in again. However, if you are running a lot of security on your computer, you might have to sign in every time.

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and @john65pennington IS a cop, so I bet he has a ton of security on his computer :-)

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My guess is that you have cookies disabled.

The reason the login box flashes is that when you click a login link farther down on the page, it shows you where your cursor has jumped.

I can see why the color is confusing though. We’ll look into changing that.

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@andrew You’re a good man, Charlie Brown. :-)

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