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Should there be a law against people with no sense of humor?

Asked by slick44 (3808points) February 5th, 2010

why do people have to rip on other peoples questions? Some ques. are “FUN’

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Your fun is another person’s really freaking lame. It’s all subjective.

So… no.

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I think there should be a law against idiocy first.

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Um, no…...there’s having fun, then there’s just being annoying lol.

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Hm, I can’t say it better than the three people above me, but I wanted to answer this question!

Mods, please don’t remove this. We could have so much fun with this!

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Naw, what would we do without the straight men in our lives. The people who we can’t laugh with can be laughed at. :o)

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No they have already been punished enough!

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@Merriment got that totally right!

@slick44 if that would the case, there would be a lot of arrest here today! loll bet i get blasted…whatever!

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In before a bunch of people with no sense of humour come here taking this question seriously

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How would you gauge humor otherwise?
Besides, there is nothing more fun or funnier then setting a fire under someones ass.

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humor should be a requirment. isnt life serious enough without having a little fun. and yes as long as its not hurting anyone.

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I would go for it being a law for sure.

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set that fire baby! you go ChazMan

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I don’t necessarily agree with the lean of this question toward allowing lame questions on this site.

But I do think people without senses of humor are problematic. The wife of a good friend of mine is such a person. She is perfectly smart, but she has no sense of humor. So if you say a double entendre, she will ask what you mean. It was very disconcerting for me at first. now I am used to it.

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@marinelife – Sounds like my Sister in-law.

Super Smart, has a Doctorate. But if it is not sequential in thought she is lost.

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@ChazMaz Do we have the same sister-in-law?

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Why was this question moved into the meta section?

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I do not think anything was meta by it.

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@KatawaGrey I guess because it pertains to Fluther questions.

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Old bull and a young bull was standing on a hill over looking a valley with a bunch of cows grazing! “Young bull said to the old bull, “let run down there and make love to one of those cows!” “Naw,” said the old bull, “why don’t we walk down there and make love to all of them!”

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In late 2010, the people of the free city of Northampton passed a law requiring the exile of people who had no sense of humor. Surprisingly, fully 75% of the people were exiled. No one could explain it—how could a majority vote for their own exile? How perverse! And yet, perhaps a miscarriage of justice, since only people with a rather wry sense of humor would pass a law outlawing themselves.

Another problem was that most of the faculty at Smith College were exiled, together with half the student body and 99% of the lesbian population in town. It seems that the long time complaint that lesbians have no sense of humor was true. Alas, Northampton, without its place in the hegemony as Lesbian Capital of the World, soon fell into disuse. The streets went unrepaired. The jewelry and craft shops were all broken into when no one was there to defend them. The Joker was having a field day!

There was one tiny outpost that was almost fully populated. The zen monastery on the top of the hill had people milling around everywhere, laughing. The laughing medication is what saved them. Slowly, Northampton became the laughingsto…. uh laughing center of the world!

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[mod says] Moved to meta because it is regarding Fluther questions and attitudes.

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@augustlan I love your cute little “A.”

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A lack of sense of humor is it’s own punishment I think. Plus like @Likeradar said… they tend to vary to the point of being polar opposites in different groups. So there’s really no way to measure it.

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They should be drawn and quartered and their remains sent to the four corners of the globe. After one year their bones should be sent to Geneva and boiled under the aspices of an international council. Their bleached bones should then be ground into a powder and used as sawdust to dry up spilled drinks at various comedy clubs throughout the world. Their memories should be erased from public record and large fines shall be levied against those who utter their names in the future…on second thought actually…somebody has to be the butt of and let live

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@janbb Thanks! Jeruba made it for me. :)

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@augustlan I figured that might be the case.

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How would you test such a thing?
Imagine walking up to a man at a desk, sitting down, and he asks: “Pull my finger.”

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lmao. now thats funny, I dont care who u are.

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^Larry the cable guy

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If we don’t have people with no sense of humor, who are we gonna joke on??? WE NEED THEM!! haha

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A world without subjectivity is akin to the Holocaust. No thanks.

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I’ve been accused of not having a sense of humor because I think most of the attempts at humor I see are simply not funny. I actually laugh at things that are funny, on the rare occasion that I see one. I am one of the thousands of people who thinks Jay Leno is hilarious, but apparently in the minority here on Fluther.

From the old days: most of the so-called humor I see is about as funny as Santa Claus in an Iron Lung.

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@YARNLADY… i love jay leno. these people have no sense of humor!

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