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Using Windows Movie Maker to make stop motion animation?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) February 5th, 2010

I am using WMM 2.1 with my students, we are creating stopmotion animations. I imported their digital pictures into movie maker, reduced the transition and duration time to .125 and .25 respectively. When we try to preview the movine in Timeline, it skips all of the pictures, like it is lagging out.

I turned the project into a movie to see if would play correctly, and there are lines running through it and the picture is jerky.


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“Movie Maker” is almost useless. Why not ask management for a better program, or download one yourself (on the sly).

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Do you have any recommendations on kid-friendly programs? You clearly don’t work for a school district—you can’t open a file without inputting a password, let alone downloading a program. But if you had a suggestion, I would like to take a look at it.

If anyone can offer any help with my question, that would be great as well.

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How many pictures are you using? What are the resolution of the pictures? How long of an animation are you trying to come up with? . . . . need to know more info in order to provide a close to inteligent answer as possible.

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I used Digital Blue for the longest time because it had a stop animation thing built in. I never learned how to do it on my own because I figured it would take too long.

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We are using about 300 pictures, medium (I guess) resolution. About 2 minute videos.

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If there was a school with all-Macintosh computers, I would live in a cave just to attend there. iMovie just might be the best movie-editing software out there for below-mainstream productions like this, though it can be used for so much more than that. Of course, you guys are all using Microsoft computers, so this is a pointless thing to actually be discussing. Either way, WMM sucks. Sorry.

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300 pictures X (.25 sec duration – .125 sec transition) = 37.5 second output. . .

You will need to add more pictures plus double your duration and transition times.

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Each picture lasts ¼ of a second?? It takes longer to read two or three words from this sentence.

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@Fred931 OP’s project is stop motion animation. ...get back to your iMovie cave and stay there until you understand the concept.

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I’m not paying very good attention to details, am I? [slaps self for not paing attention] With that bit of information, the movie makes more sense…

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@Fred931 “I’m not paying very good attention to details, am I?”

Nah, but we’ll let you off, because using a Mac does that to people.

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