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What do you think your peers from high school thought about you?

Asked by le_inferno (6189points) February 5th, 2010

If you try to view yourself from everyone else’s point of view, what do you think they were saying about you? That you were weird, slutty, nerdy? How do you think you came off?

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Saying about me? Nothing at all. I was a nonentity in high school.

Yeah, not much has changed…

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ummm..not weird, definitely not slutty, and certainly not nerdy! Well, just an average Joe!

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I have heard from more than one person that their first impression of me was “that skinny girl who dresses weird.” (Granted, they were both guys who have no sense of fashion-I dressed impeccably in high school). I would think I came off as just that: weird. I didn’t hang out with any of the major cliques, and me and my best friend were a unit. Everyone knew how close we were, they associated us together. The two of us always joked that everyone thought we were some freakish lesbian couple. But we made fun of everyone, so we weren’t complaining. We were content to sit on our high horses and judge everyone else :P

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Weird and nerdy if they thought about me at all. Also some may have thought I was gay.

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I came from a very small school where I graduated with under 60 students. Since I was in the band I was probably considered a nerd. In addition, because I was nice to everyone and even teachers I was probably considered a teacher’s pet. It’s terrible how people are sterotyped and seen based on who they are and what they did.

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I was the never an issue guy. I got along with everyone.

Except the A-holes. My choice, and I got along with them too. Friends close, enemies closer.

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spazzy perfection. Duh.

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Probably not a whole lot, I was the tall goofy kid, that’s about it.

I feel like I am a lot different than my HS self.

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Yep. Weird, slutty, nerdy…that seems to sum it up. I could add that they might also have viewed me as a curiosity, mysterious and maybe even interesting. I never really cared enough to notice.

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Kid with no money and a strange home life, who was really involved with activities, and usually followed rules. In other words, no fun.

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I don’t think that the vast majority of them thought anything of me at all. And anyone else who had something nasty to think A) didn’t know me, and B) had too much time for self-generated drama on their hands, which I ignored, for the most part. That was a grand total of three people. I wasn’t in any cliques, either. I didn’t fit in with any one group.

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This question causes my brain to make smoke come out of my ears. Canya picture it? LOL.

GQ though.

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That I was a geek. Still am.

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I was popular. I went to all the parties and knew everyone. My two best friends were popular as well. I went to a small school (250 graduating class) so everyone knew everyone though.

I was also in all the honors and AP classes so I knew those people as well, but I never really hung out with them. They never did anything fun.

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My friends and I went mostly unnoticed in high school, which was fine with me. I always suspected other people thought I was a spoiled goody-goody, but nerdy instead of cool and therefore not worthy of attention or jealousy.

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I was very much a nerd. I came in second for most Intellectual in our senior class, and I won least athletic. I did literary mag, National Honor Society, French Club, choir, and I was the orchestra treasurer. It worked for me.

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Well at the English equivalent, Ernest goes to school just about covers it.

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Rather complex. A hero to the hippies, an outcast to the jocks, a marijuana supplier to the teachers, and, though I was a fat kid with big thick black-framed glasses, a lot of girls, including the popular and pretty girls wanted to be my friend, but that was because I was “safe” and was very nice to them.

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I don’t think many of them thought about me at all. Most of them were worried about what others were thinking about them. I was quiet, observant and unremarkable. They probably thought I was retarded.

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@dpworkin change much, did you?

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I was, basically, know as “Rachel’s big scary sister”. I was an odd-ball and my sister was very quiet and shy; I protected her and stood up for her. No one messed with her, ever. I couldn’t’ have cared less if I had any friends or not, nor did I care about my “high school experience; but I made damn sure she had a good one :) We still talk about that today, and she said she always enjoyed knowing I was there to look after her <3

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I was told, “Lawrence, you’re a nice guy but you just don’t fit in.”

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For the few that bothered and weren’t my friends, I would say the impression would have been poorly dressed nerd. Not that I was poor, I just had no fashion sense.

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They thought I was weird. I know that because they told me so.

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Sweet and quiet.

At least that is what the majority of them wrote in my yearbook.

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It was a girls’ boarding school.
Some of the sluttier girls thought I was a goody-goody, which was true. Some of the sweeter girls thought I could fix all their problems, which wasn’t true. The girls who broke the rules and pretended they didn’t know them: they didn’t like me because I was a class officer and really, truly cared about the community. I’m sure those girls are all in prison now.

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For as little as I thought of pretty much anyone in high school, I’m not sure I should be expecting anything much different from them. :/

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Just a nerd that made no effort to fit in. I might have gained a small degree of notoriety by baiting authority figures. Basic outcaste.

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I was very fortunate. i had a rock and roll band in high school and everybody danced to our music, so i had no problems. like i said, i was fortunate.

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I was told i talk too much,

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@jonsblond Funnily enough, despite the fact that my peers thought I was a strange one, they all wrote in my yearbook how much respect they had for me because I was weird! Why they waited until the last few days of my entire school life to tell me that when I had gone through the last goodness knows how many years thinking that everyone hated me for being a bit different, I don’t know but it would have been nice to know before.

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They probably thought of me as being smart and popular, to be honest (which in their eyes was not too common a combination). Some probably thought I was an attention whore, others might have thought I was nice, fun, etc. Others remembered the weird things about me (my quirky interests, my memorization of the periodic table, my ridiculous geography skills). I was that cute little blond rich kid (a friend of mine said that about me once). I was just a weird amalgam of different things. Honestly, I really liked high school, I don’t remember having any “enemies” and I still spend time with people I went to high school with but now go to different colleges.

To me, I just came off as harmless as possible. I was never rude, mean, or condescending; I was nice to everyone, I never saw any reason to not be. I never got angry. It would be hard for me to imagine people having an overall negative image of me.

Interestingly enough, I bet some people thought I was fruity, whether or not they knew I was gay for sure. But the fact that I wore striped sweaters and other more “flamboyant” clothing on occasion and that I hung out with girls all the time and never had a girlfriend. Maybe they could’ve put two and two together, not sure.

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Oh, I think they thought I was a pretty odd duck, a misfit, smart but weird, eccentric but harmless, deep into books and not especially sociable. I was a bit of a mysterious character (I learned much later) because the religion of my upbringing had a certain impenetrable mystique.

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I think people think I an idiot, mad, nutty, funny, got a screw loose have a big heart and am gorgeous (OK they told me that I didn’t think that). It’s sad really because I am a deep person and pretty rational or at least I think so

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@Jeruba oh that sounds amazing I want some, any advice (inpenetrable mystique) I feel like I am so brash loud and out there, I need a bit of that!

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Their first thing, if asked, would have been to say “that Gypsy kid” because I was the only one. Once you asked them to look past that I think I would have been remembered for being a joker or quiet, depending on my mood, and weird… definitely weird. Also, not terribly social. I am sure some would mention my long hair and make a crack about it.

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I never ventured to imagine. I dressed pretty preppy. I had enough problems keeping a semblance of my own thought about myself clear. If I thought too hard about what other people thought of me I probably would have lost my mind. I never wanted to know.

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My Peers at school barely noticed I was there, they wouldnt know me from roadkill and I feel the same about them.! (I went to school with a bunch of nut-jobs)

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Total geek. However, I also had someone tell me they thought I was going to cure cancer some day, so I thought that was pretty cool. :-)

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I am sure there were differing views from person to person. However for the most part I would say friendly and kind and probably a jock. I played all the sports yet I was considered a “floater.” I hung out with all the different crowds. Although I had one set group of people that I hung out with the most, I could get along with everyone e.g. jocks, nerds, girls, young ones, and the teachers. I actually really liked high school. It had its up and downs, especially with sports and coaches, but overall I had a good experience.

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Most of them dident know I was alive.
The ones who did, thought I was too quiet:/

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I doubt many of them thought of me at all. Those who did didn’t all think of me in the same way.

I was very shy and quiet and a bit of a loner and unless they were one of my few friends this is how they likely saw me.

Others knew me as the girl who would fight back if you tried to shit on her.

What was most surprising were the people I’ve run into since leaving high school that really saw me as confident and self-assured back then. I guess having no desire to be a part of the crowd can be interpreted in many ways.

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I didn’t care then, and I don’t care now.

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@Just_Justine, you want impenetrable mystique lessons? Wow, that’s a thought. Why don’t you post that as a question and see what kinds of answers you get? (That’ll buy me some time to think of one.)

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@Ivan That wasn’t the question.

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“What a sextastic kid”

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I think they thought that I was a slacker, a tomboy, that I tried too hard to fit in, not very nice, either stuck up or insecure (depending on who you ask). I had horrible self-esteem then, so I wonder how much of it is projection.

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Fucking failure.

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@Steve_A Impotence can be a terrible blow, try viagra~

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^ guitar envy

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it gently weeps

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Complete failure in every aspect of life.

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well christ we’re going to get you a violin soon

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@SeventhSense I could not play it.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land – How does one “bait” an authority figure. What does that mean exactly. It sounds interesting though and maybe fun. hahahahahahahahaha

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don’t make me come over there and bitch slap you

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@SeventhSense Not necessary I can do my own self-harm.

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But on a serious note:
“Hey it’s that cool kid who listens to velvet underground and sits in the back and dazes off but still manages to get decent grades”

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Look just realize that whatever is in your head is not that serious in the final estimation. It may not seem so now but in the course of days, weeks, years everything takes on a different significance. I feel like bit killing myself and everyone around me on a daily basis. We all have a permanent and incurable condition that is known as life. We can’t stop it or get off but comparing yourself to the guy next store who makes six figures has a hot wife and smiles his pearly whites is just futile. No matter what anyone tells you, there is no one that is exempt from the terror of existence, aging and questioning. Some are just better illusionists. So the sooner you just let go the idea that you can please the world or even please yourself the happier you will be. You’ll have the hot girlfriend, the money and the position and you’ll be like “What the fuck is this?” I wanted this?

Me personally, I’m a fucking narcissist. And I don’t mean that in the pejorative sense or the everyday twist on the term. I don’t gaze at myself lovingly and ponder what an amazing character I am. I mean I have NPD. I had a disconnect with my primary caregiver at an early age which cause me to repress libido and attach to aggression like a warm fuzzy blanket or drug. Its debilitating , destroys my life, relationships, anyone in my path and leaves me empty at times but it’s me and I’m stuck with it. You can get away from me.
I can’t.

And I’m numb at this point in my life but sometimes I’m sharp as a fucking razor so it isn’t all bad. But life goes on. It’s taken me until 43 years old to see the one thread that weaved its way through my life from grade school to adulthood and 22 years of sobriety and for that I’m astounded. Maybe I’ll start painting again who knows. But swinging from a rope or with a bullet in the mouth is just bullshit. Balls to the wall until I’m dead from exhaustion. Adapt the same attitude (minus the seething aggression) and you’ll be fine. Peace

P.S.- Depressed people make me want to kill them

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@SeventhSense Depression is chemically based with a strong genetic component, triggered by external factors. People don’t choose to be depressed. Their way of thinking can make them stay depressed, but just telling them the equivalent of “snap out of it,” like you just did, is shockingly… ineffective.

For example, do you think telling that to a person whose mother abandoned her throughout childhood, and for years, dated abusive men, waiting so long to find someone who made her happy…when she finally does, and gets engaged, her brother murders him? (One of my professor’s patients). Telling her to “buck up and get over it” doesn’t exactly do the trick. Sometimes, life happens to people, hard, and it’s not just a matter of trivial lamenting. Healing takes time, and often, depression fills that time. You are massively ignorant to be angry and homicidal towards people who suffer against their will.

SeventhSense's avatar

Wow you picked up on one sentence and overlooked the entire rest of my statement.
I know depression is chemically based and he didn’t choose to be depressed. Perhaps you need to look up some other DSM categories like THE ONE I MENTIONED.
I didn’t choose to have my malady as pro active as that condition may seem to you. My response is based upon my chemical condition and is no less valid. Now if I actually did kill him that’s a different story. Don’t call me massively ignorant when you are ignoring the one glaring thing which you failed to take into account which is my condition. And whether you like it or not it is no less valid.

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And you haven’t got a clue as to what i go through on a daily basis. I would trade it for depression in a heartbeat.
You are massively ignorant to be angry and homicidal towards people who suffer against their will.
As are you

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@Mike_Hunt I got A’s and B’s despite doing my homework to 60’s psychedelic rock, 70’s metal, and 70’s punk rock… blaring through headphones. I called that my “thinking music” and still, to this day, crank it up when I need to sit down and so some serious thinking. (Eh, whaddyasay? Me deaf?) :)

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And furthermore I pour out my heart on the page for a room full of strangers and you dismiss it?

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The brother should have killed the boyfriend, her and your professor. Then we wouldn’t have to listen to a second hand anecdote from one who recently found out how to open a psychology book. You imagine her brother didn’t have the same suffering and that is your ignorance.

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Geeky goodie-goodie loser.
I hate high school memories

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Jesus Christ, calm down. Stop responding to imaginary responses.

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Just expressing my thoughts regardless

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I was loved because of not someone they wanted me to be.
I had my own identity.

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[mod says] Please stick to the topic What do you think your peers from high school thought about you? and avoid personal attacks.

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weird; insane. brutally honest. AND THEY LOVE IT!
haha I’m still in high school :) i’m that kid in class cracking jokes the whole time :D

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@J0E @Ivan Answer for me.

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@Sampson was the Hyde of our school, the lovable rebel.

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People couldn’t figure me out because I was the science kid and the drama kid and danced really well and was involved in a million clubs and hung out with the track team and was cool with the ‘minorities’ and was probably a lesbian but had a lot of boys after me – I was a contradiction to them – that’s how I stayed.

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