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why do people's tongues itch after they eat pineapples?

Asked by tauri (14points) March 2nd, 2008

my friend ate a whole pineapple and he said his tongue itched, it didn’t swell it just like burned or something.

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It might be a very slight allergic reaction.

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it burned. [;
and it’s from the enzyme bromelain that breaks down proteins (why people use it to tenderize meats)
if you have a lot of pineapple on your fingers it can actually remove your prints! so i’m pretty sure that’s why people’s tongues and lips will burn, especially after eating an entire pineapple like i did

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actualy ishotthesheriff that whole thing about removing your finger tips with a bromelain is a myth.

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my bad…. still burns like hell

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yea that guy in the video is crazy.

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Meat tenderizers were originally made from a substance found in the core of the pineapple (bromelain).

You will find that the effect is much more pronounced if you eat material closer to the core.

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yeah dang. when i was eating pineapple i ate all of it. then picked it up and chewed off the core. no wonder my lips burned for hours afterwards. and my tongue..

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slight allergic reaction. I get the same thing.

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