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I have no knowledge of football. Can somebody brief me on what I should know about the upcoming superbowl?

Asked by daymare (50points) February 5th, 2010

Spare me the whole “I’ll brief you: Colts are gonna WIN! WOOO!”

I want to know who the key players are on each team and why, any drama that may have happened during each teams season, key games, highlights…basically just some conversational topics so that I can look like I at least keep my finger on the pulse of the NFL – even if extremely lightly.

I’m hoping this question is not misinterpreted as “Who do you think is going to win the superbowl??”

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Why the need to keep with the program? Just come to a Super Bowl party, enjoy the food, drinks and company . . . and the $3M 30-sec. commercials . . .

When there’s a touchdown, just howler with everyone….

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Men are going to try to prove their worth by running into eachother and fighting over a ball. Other men will watch them and pretend like anything they do is important. Some will even actualy believe it is important.

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When the men in the Gold and Black Jerseys do something wonderful, be thrilled. That’s all you need to know.

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Peyton Manning (Colts) and Drew Brees (Saints) are the key players (though there are others). As the quarterbacks they are the most important player on the team and both are extremely talented. Peyton Manning may be the best quarterback to ever play the game. He will be the main subject of any Superbowl conversation. Both teams had stellar seasons and really deserved to be where they are, unlike many past Superbowls. There’s not a lot of drama or history between the two teams. The Colts have been great for a while now, but the Saints are perennial underdogs, having one of the worst histories in the NFL and having never played in the Superbowl. They are the underdogs and a victory for them is seen as some kind of spiritual lift for the city of New Orleans because of the city’s destruction by hurricane Katrina, though the two have nothing to do with each other.

Another key story will be Dwight Freeney and his ankle injury, which may keep him from playing or keep him from being 100%. He is a key defensive player for the Colts at the defensive end position.

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Maybe read which will probably be updated with more information soon.

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Colts are very well rounded, very good offense and very good defense. Saints have superb defense and above average offense.

Manning is very good at breaking out of tackles because of his size and stature (6’6 ~230lbs) which could pose a problem for the Saints defense because a good portion of their game is shaking up the QB which in turn causes the whole team to get shaken up.

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Note to future answer-ers: If you type out your answer and it resembles @buckyboy28 or @Snarp posts on this thread, go ahead and continue. Those are awesome answers.

However, if it resembles the other answers on this thread, I would suggest hitting the back button on your browser and moving on. Thank you!

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What country are you from. There may be a sport to compare football too so its easier to understand.

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Pay attention to Reggie Bush. He’s a very talented running back for the Saints.

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All you need to know is that the Saints are going to win.

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Find a place or some friends that are making some good food.

The rest is just a big drawn out blur.

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Briefly, your football is not football, its effectively handball, our football is football cause we use our feet! =p

Ps. football is not soccer!.......... your just confused!........

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Cheer for the blue team, they’re gonna win

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-Peyton Manning (Colts) may be the best quarterback in the history of the NFL to date.
-Dwight Freeney (Colts) very good defensive lineman. Drama is he may be injured.
-Drew Brees (Saints) good quarterback and spiritual leader of the Saints.
-Reggie Bush (Saints) was a big time player in college and some people are expecting big things from him in the superbowl.

New Orleans are in their first Superbowl ever. It is huge for the city and they are sentimental favorites.
Colts are trying to repeat their second Superbowl victory under Manning.

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Everything @Snarp said but Peyton Manning may be the best quarterback to ever play the game. is a bit of a stretch. He’s a great QB but Joe Montana, Roger Staubach among others are vastly superior. But the Colts will take it home and the Manning brothers will have matching rings.

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@SeventhSense I’m not even sure Montana was the best of his generation. Manning’s physical skills are comparable to other top tier quarterbacks, but his knowledge of the game and ability to make decisions on the field is vastly superior, that’s what makes him the best. I’ll acknowledge that one can’t really pick a “best ever” at anything, particularly across generations, but at least I said “may” instead of saying certain quarterbacks ”are vastly superior”. ;-)

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If Super Bowl rings has anything to do with it and of course it does then the man of steel Terry Bradshaw would be up there too. What good is a great quarterback if you can’t lead your team to the pot of gold. And yes of course he’s only one among many but a great QB is also a great leader.

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My vote is for John Elway, but that isn’t the question here is it. ;)

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All you need to do is pay attention to number 18 in the blue and white uniform and you’ll enjoy yourself thoroughly :)

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@SeventhSense Of course if rings are the criteria, that’s not so good for Marino. But I’m really a Favre man myself. I will always harbor a bit of resentment of Manning for playing for Tennessee.

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@SeventhSense TERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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Pay attention to the defensive line on both sides. Got two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and which team protect their quarterback should win. Dwight Feeney is injured and this could be the key to the game as he is one the best pass rushers in football.

Colts 35 and Saints 31 is my prediction!

Should be one the best Super Bowls in years!

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@daymare Welcome to Fluther! Good question!

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@BoBo1946 You’re suggestion is excellent, but one should remember that the offensive line itself is important, and one of the most under appreciated parts of a football team. The Colts offensive line is pretty good. I haven’t seen the Saints this year, but you can’t rack up offensive stats like they have without a good offensive line.

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@Snarp Saint’s offensive line is excellent. They have a couple of Pro Bowlers on the line. But, with two of the best passers who ever played the game, the team that puts pressure on the quarterback or the team that protect their quarterback will win. Bottomline, as most game, it is won or lost at the line of scrimmage.

My money is on the Colts!

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@BoBo1946 Man I hope I can watch this game. I’ve got a feeling it’s really going to live up to the hype (though I wish it was the Vikings instead of the Saints due to my man crush on Brett Favre).

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@Snarp Hey Brett and Payton have ties in my state. Brett lives in a small town in South Mississippi. Payton’s dad, Archie, went to school with me. A good friend of mine. Also, Eli played for Ole Miss.

Because of the quarterbacks, it will be great game. I’m fired up for it.

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@BoBo1946 My dad grew up in Hattiesburg, and Brett belongs to my grandmother’s country club. I know grandma is very disappointed in the Vikings not making the big game. But we don’t support Ole Miss, or Tennessee.

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@Snarp well, got lots of friends in Hattiesburg. Wow, small world.

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geez guys brag a little more about all your connections to great football players….....jk dont yell!

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Well if we’re talking green, nobody had it goin on like Broadway Joe
beaver crusher

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@deni Hah! I do know people who have probably met Favre, but I’m no more connected to him than to Kevin Bacon.

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The ball is the wrong shape. And why the heck do they insist on calling it football when they mostly throw it around with their hands, I’ll never know. Honestly, these Americans… ~shakes head~

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Congratulations to all the folks down in the Big Easy.
Tonight the Saints Went Marchin’ In
And how about that…...argghjhhhh gurggrgrgkwkwwlleee….. Choke Manning…

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@deni GA. Try being a Buffalo Sabre fan for awhile.

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There’s only one hockey team in NY and that’s the Islanders.
If you’re old enough to remember the dynasty days they were unparalleled.

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Now that was a great game! It wasn’t a blowout and Drew Brees tied the Super Bowl record for most completions.

It is so nice to see some of us here actually discussing the game instead of the stupid commercials.

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@SeventhSense Who else would be so stupid and give a fifteen year contract to a cripple?

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@SeventhSense Kidding. What other response would you expect from a Sabre fan?

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oh come on guys i dont wanna hear anything about crappy sports teams, try being a pittsburgh pirates fan. there is ABSOLUTELY no point and absolutely no hope, ever.

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@deni I have to give you that one. At least we have hope. You already know what the results are going to be.

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@Adirondackwannabe all we want is a season with a winning record. Playoffs? Well we know that wont ever happen, but it’s getting to the point where hoping for a winning season is just as hopeless.

Really though it’s sad but actually kind of funny.

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@deni As long as you can find some humor in it, I guess you’re doing ok. I used to be a Yankee fan until Steinbrenner started screwing with everything.

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So I trust my link will be your new screensaver? :0)

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@SeventhSense Those banners look like they might have some age on them. I like more modern screensavers

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@SeventhSense I should probably confess: I was an Islander fan in the early 80’s. I also watched their training camps in the early 90’s and my g/f has a bobblehead of Mike Peca and the highly paid overrated Russian, I can’t think of his name right now. Was it Yashin?

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