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Know some good easy beginner tunes for fiddle?

Asked by susanc (16112points) February 5th, 2010

I’m learning “Over the Rainbow” so I can accompany my grandbaby, whose ear for notes is still developing.

The “happy little bluebirds fly” part is HARD (for a beginner).
I can’t read music. Other ideas?

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Twinkle twinkle little star
Rock a bye baby

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The alphabet song (Also known as Twinkle twinkle little star as @njnyjobs said) is usually suitable for most beginner instruments as it essentially traverses the scales up and down.
I always find Amazing Grace is a great song for beginners too.
It’s mainly brass I play but I am learning to play the piano, I can rattle a tune out of the guitar and I have played violin at school.
Some beginners help for fiddle here
And theres a really interesting resource Here – Now, I appreciate this is for Violin but the fundamentals are similar and this may be of use.

Remember the three P’s. Practice, Persevere, Perform!
And Princess Ayla is Adorable.

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Start with scales to give yourself a good idea of what the finger positions sound like.

Then learn Happy Birthday.

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