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If your turn signals were broken on your car, would you lower the window and give a signal with your arm?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) February 5th, 2010

I actually saw a farmer on a tractor do this the other day. i was shocked. he apparently had no turn signals on his old country tractor, but at least he obeyed the law. if your car’s turn signals were inoperative, would you or have you ever lowered the window and given a turn signal with your arm? i have seen many bike riders do this and i am amazed. ok, have you or have you not ever given a turn signal with your arm?

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That’s what you’re supposed to do, yes. But ideally you get them fixed as soon as possible.

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Where I live, I am quite certain, the car would be pulled off the road by the police and be barred from driving on public roads until the turn signals are fixed and the offending driver would get some points on his registry and a hefty fine.

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Absolutely. That’s one of the things you’re tested for on your driving test, at least in my state. Hand signals are perfectly legal and are required when you have no other working signals, such as when riding a bicycle. And everyone else is supposed to understand them.

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I would do it, it’d be quite fun actually, like I’m re-enacting colonial times or something lol.

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Sure it’s the law. Unless I was in the middle of nowhere without a car in sight.

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No. Just being honest. I would try to manually flick the arm to make it flash.

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Yes, I would and have done it when I had a broken turn signal.

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Yes, I would. I also used to ride a bike for my main transportation and did it regularly.

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Absolutely, every licensed driver should know and use this as needed just like your brakes and steering wheel. As a tailing motorist, you should be courteous enough to acknowledge the hand signals.

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I got my license in the days when all you had to work with was your left arm. I sometimes do the signals automatically on a nice afternoon when the window is rolled down. It’s a reflex, like typing.

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@njnyjobs How exactly are you supposed to acknowledge the hand signals?

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Yes I have used them and I would again.

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@Snarp by slowing down and letting the motorist using the hand signal make the turn or shift of lane.

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@njnyjobs Oh, well yes, that they should. I read it as somehow waving to let them know you appreciated their signal. Would that people would respond as you suggest even to standard turn signals.

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@Snarp yes, that should be the case, but unfortunately, there are ignorant drivers that take offense to the hand signals, mistaking them as some form of road rage or aggresion.

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No. Especially not in THIS weather!!!

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@jbfletcherfan you probably should stay off the roads in THIS (Mid-Atlantic snowstorm) weather unless absolutely necessary.

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Probably not, i would probably get confused and use the wrong arm

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@Snarp I know, I am in the path of all this.!!!

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Of course. I would use my arms until I got to the mechanic to fix it. I can’t stand non-working turn signals because of that clicking!

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@njnyjobs Me too, but we’re only supposed to get maybe six inches from it. I’m concerned for my family in the D.C. area, those people just aren’t equipped to deal with what they’re going to get.

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@Snarp the D.C. folks’ main worry could be power outage, I have family out in the VA & MD ‘burbs, too.. . as long as they have food and drink, they should be ok…

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@njnyjobs And some DVDs. Never underestimate the value of entertainment when you are snowed in. Blockbuster closed the store I used to walk to and blizzards just aren’t the same anymore.

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@Snarp & @njnyjobs Yeah, I have NO plans on going anywhere, that’s for sure!

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I have used my arm to signal alot of things.

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Me too! I am often found jaunting about town with a hi ho and a cheerio to old man perkins, fire marshall bill, little billy horner….

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Absolutely, I have.
I was pulled over in a friends car while his lights were out, the cop pulled him over to see if he needed assistance, and made sure we were on our way to get it fixed. He didn’t have a problem with it as we were following the law but he drove with us a bit until we got to the repair shop. Kinda proved we were going there, and that we were gonna be fine. He was a cool dude.

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