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Troubleshooting Outlook Express. Help!

Asked by Val123 (12684points) February 5th, 2010

OK. I spent two hours on the phone with ATT technical, and we got nowhere, so this is a last gasp.

This morning I went to send a few emails, and they started piling up in my outbox, which was strange because it’s not like they were big emails. Then I started getting an error message that said they couldn’t be sent and see the errors listed below to troubleshoot. Problem was, there WERE no errors listed. It was blank. The next thing I know I get a response from someone I’d sent an email to asking if I realized that I’d sent it 12 times! Well, this was news to me.

What’s happening is the system thinks it can’t send the messages for some unknown reason, when actually it IS sending them, but it keeps “trying” to send them….over and over again. And they ARE being sent….

Via the techs, I restored my default settings for the computer and I restored email back to Jan 15. No luck. Nothing.

So now I’m supposed to get with Microsoft and…I do not have a great feeling about THAT!

Do any of you have any suggestions, thoughts or advice? Have you ever experienced this?

Everything else in email works just fine.

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Were the messages addressed to multiple reciepients? This may happen if there’s one or more bad or invalid email address.

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One of them was…..but they’ve all been deleted out of the inbox.

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@Rarebear Huh? That’s a search engine! I need hep with my Outlook Espress….what am I missing?

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That has happened to me when I have attached multiple large documents. I don’t know why it happens, but I send a couple of emails with fewer attachments, instead of one big one to avoid the problem. Not sure if that helps you though?

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@JLeslie You mean it would send them over and over while giving you a message that they aren’t being sent, when, in fact, they ARE being sent?

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Did you have attachments on yours?

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No…they were just simple emails. Now one was a funny that I passed on to several people…...but I’m not sure if it had an attachment, as the message was in the body of email.

Thing is, I’ve deleted it, along with the rest, out of my outbox…..

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@Val123 . . have you AV scanned your computer lately? You may have been infected by a low-level virus that’s out to create a nuisance.

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@njnyjobs That was kind of my thoughts too…but doesn’t AVG scan automatically?

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@Val123 it’s best to run your AVG now… make sure that the database is up-to-date prior to scanning.

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Uh…how do I do that?

Also…well, I just started deleting stuff like a banshee. Had 4000+ in my deleted folder, deleted all those. I probably have that many in my sent and…I just got this feeling that the problem was in my sent folder….so I’ve been deleting….and now the problem seems to be resolved.

Except…I’ve successfully deleted about 10 months worth of sent stuff, but now, for some reason it suddenly doesn’t seem to want to continue to allow me to delete out of my sent file. I hit “delete” and the messages just sit there looking at me. I swear, they’ve got evil grins on their faces. I HAVE A HEADACHE!!!

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