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To new mothers, or just mothers in general: Are you a member of a website for mothers?

Asked by IBERnineD (7289points) February 5th, 2010

I am on a project for my work and I am researching good sites for mothers, ones with a sense of community, maybe with forums, blog options, or Q & A. For example MamaPedia. I thought I could get some insight into sites that bring new and/or experienced mothers together or where they can feel a sense of community. Is there a specific site you use yourself? Or one you have heard of?

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I know this is a relatively famous example of a great website for mothers:

In case this isn’t clear—I am not a mother.

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I’m on

It’s an insane site. The rules, the groups, the moderators…oy! It’s a riot though with all the drama, and Canada has to have their own because the US apparently can’t get along with anyone. There’s also a UK version I believe.
I join groups on it that interest me, birth clubs, The Debate Team is filled with all the crazies though. So is Bargain Hunters…it doesn’t have any bargains.

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Oh and if you want other examples, I know of other sites…
For more “natural” mothers:

Umm, I’d have to go ask other moms, but those are the main ones.

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I used to visit the message boards for the parenting section at iVillage:

There are message boards for just about every topic and parenting style you can think of, and I found a lot of good advice about getting kids to sleep, breastfeeding, and parenting a gifted child. I don’t remember much drama, except on some of the debate boards. I remember seeing a lot of drama on the discipline debate board (basically spanking vs. not spanking). Good times, good times. ;)

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@timtrueman you’re not a mother???

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@IBERnineD :: He is just a motherf*&#er.

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Yeah I’m a motherfluther.

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The last three quips make me happy.

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