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What Size Training/Boxing Gloves Should I Get?

Asked by mirza (5042points) February 5th, 2010

So I have never actually done boxing or anything. But my gym has a punching bag and I really want to get started with using a punching. So I was wondering if I should get 12oz or 14oz boxing gloves? I am contemplating getting this pair. I’m not exactly sure how much the punching bag at my gym weights (but you can take a glance of what it look like here at 1:38).

I am 5’9 and 136lbs. I don’t think I’ll be punching that hard since I am really not much of a hard hitter and probably simply don’t have the strength to do so.

Should I get 12oz or 14oz boxing gloves?

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I was gonna say 32 oz till I saw the choices. go with the heaviest you can find.

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Training bra, I could maybe help, but training gloves are out of my league!

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Get cheap used ones because you might hate it.

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Just get the knuckle work out gloves until your arms get used to punching for 15 minutes or more then upgrade to heavier gloves.

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Just get bag gloves. They tend to be cheaper and are meant specifically for hitting heavy bags. Also if you haven’t punched a bag before looks for something with good wrist support or better yet try to get someone with experience to walk you through your first couple goes at the heavy bag.

Here is a link to bag gloves…

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