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How do I reorganize iTunes alphabetically?

Asked by holiwi (85points) February 5th, 2010

My music collection is organized alphabetically. However, the order is sometimes based upon the word “the” (putting the artist under the letter “t”) and sometimes the order is based upon the word following “the”. This results in the repeating of artists in my collection and general disorder. How can I fix this? It’s probably happenning because of an English/Spanish mix-up, seeing as my iTunes is in Spanish (that’s when “the” is prioritized), but I don’t see how I could fix it.

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It seems to me you would have to go in manually and relabel each of the artists that have the “the” and take it out (or put it in all the others.) Can’t think of another way.

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It will be a bit tedious but it can be done without Changing the physical names of the artists. Highlight the entire band you want to sort without “the” in the title and right click the grouping. Click on “get info” then the song info window will come up. Click on the tab labeled sorting. On the left hand side you will see all the info that iTunes is currently using to sort these tracks (because you’ve highlighted multiple tracks and possibly multiple albums the only thing on this side should be the Artist name) on the right side you will see something called Sort_____ and what ever field is mirrored on the other side. This is a way for you to manually tell iTunes “Ok I know what the band is called…still display that, but this is how I want you to sort them”. So let’s say for example “The Beatles” were sorting under T instead of B in the left column it should say “The Beatles” so in the right under SortArtist just type in “Beatles” this way it will still display them as “The Beatles” but sort them as just “Beatles“and your problem should be solved! Hope this helps!

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Also before iTunes 7(I think is when they introduced the feature) I wanted iTunes to sort not only alphabetically, but alphabetically by artist and album order by year. There was a way to do this manually but now itunes makes it easy! On the main screen if you hit the tab labeled album it will sort by album alphabetically if you hit it again it will say album by artist which means it is now sorting by Artists alphabetically first and then by Albums alphabetically. HIt it one more time you will see the words Album by year. Which actually means it is sorting by Artist alphabetically first and then by chronologically by the year the album came out. I know this wasn’t your question. But I just didn’t know if you knew you could do that as well!

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