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Best way of obtaining a gun?

Asked by Steve_A (5120points) February 5th, 2010

If hypothetically speaking I needed a gun for an emergency whats the best/fastest way I could get one?

Probably the streets?

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Are you asking people to instruct you on how to break the law? No thanks.

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@dpworkin This is a hypothetical question, in which say the world does go into mass chaos 2012 or the like, in which case the law in my opinion won’t matter. (I have should have added that but I wanted a open kind of question)

What would be the best way to obtain a gun to protect ones self and family? In such a time?

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I don’t know the laws where you live but I walked into a local gun club, filled out paperwork that took less than 10 minutes and I was good to go, legal and with a clean safe weapon.

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@hungryhungryhortence Oh wow really, I thought you needed a license or something?

Did not know that…thanks.

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You break into a Walmart in the dead of night.

Preferably wielding a large sword or machete if you are so inclined.

You kill the ninjas guarding the sporting goods, and take the spoils.

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@Steve_A It all depends on where you live, license wise.

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Gun show. From what I hear, they somehow bypass the mandatory waiting period at gun shows.

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@Steve_A: I presented my driver’s license and they made a phone call to run some sort of background check/clearance.

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Every cop has a nice™ semi-automatic handgun with a clip. Go after the fat ones.

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Gun shows, flea markets, the classified section, gun stores and sometimes yard sales.

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@Steve_A Aren’t you going into the Air Force? Why would you hypothetically need a gun?

Anyway, it depends what state you live in – each one has different laws regarding buying, owning, and registering a gun.

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Find your friendly neighborhood crack head.

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you just go buy one. they ask for your id and fill up a buncha paperwork, then in about 3 days or something, you go pick it up . easy

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‘tis amazing to me. Only the cops and robbers in Canada- none for me.

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Legally buying it.

Buying a gun off the streets is like touching public bathroom fixtures, you never know what it’s carrying that you can’t see. If they want to sell it, what was it used for? Did bullets from it kill someone? Did bullets from it kill a cop?

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Thank you all, I agree legal is the best way.

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