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What are some good recipes with caramel?

Asked by lexipoorocks (146points) February 5th, 2010

Me and my friend both LOVE caramel and she is coming over on Sunday just because. I usually plan waay ahead! Like the games that we will play,the snacks,etc. I usually have it on a list and so far I have nothing. I believe it should be pretty easy to find games to play but you know.. The caramel stuff recipes not soo much. I don’t care what kind of caramel it is and what it is on but please include the ingredients and preparation method. Please dont let me down and if you answering this question just to be sarcastic please dont answer it at all. And please don’t say ’‘do the research yourself ’‘because at this very moment while you are reading this I am researching trying to find some good recipes with caramel. So please please give me some of your family recipes or just anything. Thanks so much! And I know this is kinda weird since this is like a caramel recipe but please don’t involve caramel candies.

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The easiest way to have a nice caramel treat for me is to have fresh sliced apples and then
you take a block of cream cheese, lay it on a plate and push a spoon into the middle of it to make a well, (looks like a shallow bath tub) then pour some really nice caramel all over that. Fill it up and let it run over the sides.
There you have it. Caramel apple dip.

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We’re big fans of caramel popcorn at my house!

For that recipe, I’d suggest cutting the recipe in half unless you want to give a lot of it away as gifts (half the recipe lasts a few days in my family of five). Other tips: keep the popcorn warm in the oven while you make the caramel. It will mix together easier. Bake it all in a big roasting pan, like you’d use for a turkey, and make sure to use a cooking spray like Pam. Decrease the baking time to 45 minutes. When it’s done baking, pour it out onto waxed paper, spread it out, and it will cool faster. If you like the popcorn extra-caramelly, use half the amount of popcorn in the recipe but the full amount of ingredients for the caramel.

Then, try not to eat it all at once.

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Captain Crunch bars made with marshmallow, chocolate chips and covered in caramel.

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Here is a recipe for caramel cream frosting. Put it on cupcakes. Yum!

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Melt caramel. Eat by spoonful.

Mmmm caramel…

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Anything with the Mexican caramel, Dulce de Leche, is amazing . Try it with apples, ice cream, etc. Enjoy !

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If you want to do something really really impressive (which looks harder than it actually is) you can head over to YouTube search and put in


just a recipe won’t do the trick as you really need to see it, and I can’t do links on the iPhone.

This is the ultimate caramel treat but don’t be put off by the way professional chefs do it. Provided that you know how to make caramel from scratch ( which I assume you know how since you specified that you don’t want to use caramel candies) there are several hints for things you can do to make it easier. But even if you can’t make it from scratch, you could carefully melt down some caramel squares.

Most people don’t have the metal cone shaped tool called a Chinois, so you can substitute one of those styrofoam cones from a craft store and just cover it with wax paper.

Secondly, if you don’t want to be bothered making all those cream puffs, you can either buy mini frozen ones or use the round little doughnut holes from Dunkin donuts.

A lot of the ones in the vids are really tall, but you can reduce the size to suit yourself.

It’s a bit of a project but definitely fun and will really impress the heck out of your family and friends.

Just look through the various vids and find one to suit your style. I tried to find the classic one of Julia Child on the Martha Stewart show but couldn’t find it. But the one with Martha and Letterman is pretty funny.

Enjoy :)

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