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Beauty and the Beast: romance or Stockholm syndrome?

Asked by phoenyx (7380points) February 5th, 2010

(from a discussion we had at work prompted by this comic)

What do you think?

Are there romantic situations portrayed in popular media that would be creepy/inappropriate in real life? Do they give us an inaccurate idea of what romance is?

(Am I over-analyzing something that is essentially harmless?)

Stockholm syndrome

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Well, remember that Beauty gets to go home, but she comes back. I think she truly cares for the Beast based on his character.

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Counterpoint: Patty Hearst helped rob the bank. She held a loaded automatic rifle.

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@marinelife what you’re describing fits within the bounds of Stockholm Syndome. She fell in love with her captor.

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“I think she truly cares for the Beast based on his character.”
And that is why it is called a “Fairy tale.”

In reality, the beast develops a neurosis’s due to the fact of being looked at as a beast. That individuals self worth plummets and over time becomes a weak and poor charactered individual.
They become what they could have been or “could” be. But the bottom line is what ever they might have been, are no longer.

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I love this question. So much.

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Many stories based on comic books and fairy tales have some rather odd content.

Consider the psychopathology inherent in Winnie the Pooh.

Eeyore is clinically depressed
Tigger is Bipolar
Piglet has an eating disorder
Christopher Robin suffers from hallucinations

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“And it’s lovely rice pudding for dinner again.”

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Wow I’ve never thought about this… interesting… seems fairytales are always based on people with psychological issues…

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