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Someone's about to jump the border! (But not quite this second, yet very soon...) OK NAO!

Asked by Fred931 (9409points) February 5th, 2010

At time of posting of this question, JERUBA had 19991 Lurve. Maybe by the time I’m done typing this up, she will have been bumped over by those as anxious as me.


Or is the 20k one called something different?

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We will miss you at the mansion!

Your wonderful input makes Fluther a better place. I always look forward to seeing what you write when I see you composing.

Lets open up the grand ballroom and party in Jerubas honor!

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Jeruba is my boo. :)

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Woohoo! Congratulations, @Jeruba!

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Hooray! Jeruba, you rock! I am so happy to know so many people value your keen insights as much as I do!

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I can only use circumstantial evidence, however… She jumped from 19994 to 20k without a GQ/GA/etc.

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Ahhh, yeah!!!! Congrats, Jeruba!!! Up to the penthouse, lady!

nothing but the best for you!

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You’re the shit. I’m so glad you Fluther with us. Thank you for the milestone threads, for your carefully thought out and thoroughly brilliant answers, for your patience, for your creativity, for your flawless grammar and spelling, for your generous spirit, and for making us laugh. Congratulations :)

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Congrats! Oops, I mean, congratulations!

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Yay! I’m right behind you, your majesty.

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Congrats Jeruba! Wow, 20k is a lot. As a writer, your posts are awesomely written… DUH!

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That’s fantastic! As we say in Hawaiian “Ho’omaikai!” or “Congratulations!”

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Jeruba! One of the most thoughtful women I have ever had the pleasure of talking to.
Congrats on 20K! It’s VERY much deserved!
I love you!

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Glad to hear it!

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WOW! Now that’s really something. Way to go there! :-)

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Yea Jeruba! One of the most intelligent jellies here, I always enjoy your posts. There is a new mansion being built for the 20K jellies, but the weather has brought the addition to a halt for now. So, if you don’t mind hanging out in your 10K room for a bit longer, we would love having you stay in this wing a bit longer.

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@nikipedia Let me go through that list and see if anything there matches my Fluthering character…

|_| Milestone Threads
|_| Carefully Thought Out / Thoroughly Brilliant Answers
|_| Patience
|X| Creativity (Hey, I got one!)
|_| Generous Spirit
|_| Making others laugh (assuming 50% of time or greater)

Comparison FAIL

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Also, I think I’ve forgotten to do something here…

CON (Come on, you knew it would happen eventually)

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My pants are on the ground. Congratulations!

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@kevbo Wow. Thank you so much for doing that. It’s just made my effing day. JK, have a good time.

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I’m available for large groups and weddings.

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CONGRATULATIONS to one of everyone’s (including yours truly) favorite members of the phylum Cnidaria! Now, let’s party like we are all going to die tomorrow!

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Mazel Tov! I am but a worm!

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@AstroChuck We are about to die tomorrow, actually. I found a new toy! Here’s an action shot!

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It’s gettin’ hot in here, so take off all your clothes…. Um, err, sorry. Congratulations!!

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@kevbo: You sir, are lookin’ like a foo’.

With you pants on the ground!

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Congratulations @Jeruba!!!! This comes as no surprise!

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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! for reaching 20K!

Hosannahs and huzzahs to one of the most compassionate, empathetic and erudite Jellies! You’ll be at 30K in short order, to be sure!

Congratulations, @Jeruba!

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@asmonet Oh sh!t, I forgot the cheesecake

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Yay Jeruba! You have infinite wisdom. :) congrats to you:)

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Wow-what an achievement! Congrats Jeruba :)

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Congratulations Jeruba, one of my favorite members of the site! Your answers are always thoughtful, well-written, wise, and insightful. You are very supportive of others’ goals and always try to help whenever you can. Once again, congratulations!

Here’s your little cottage in the 20k mansion. Enjoy! (:

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Oh ya baby!!! The threshold is near! We see the light!!!

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Friday night 20K party!! Spread the lurve for Jeruba!!

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Does anyone know if Jeruba will be chanting WHO DAT sunday evening?

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Wahoo! Congratulations Jeruba!

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Oh my god! This is the best news I’ve had all day!!!! CONGRATULATIONS JERUBA!!!!

You are truly one of the best among us!

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Hooray, Jeruba! It’s no small feat to reach 20k, unless you’re the intelligent, kind, sweet, well-rounded, always helpful Jeruba! I’m so happy for you.

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It was worth taking a break from watching multiple episodes of “Hoarders” to see this thread! Congrats to @Jeruba, a highly respected jelly!!

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I’m too nervous to write anything. Will the grammar be correct? The spelling? The syntax?

Congratulations to one of the sharpest pencils in the drawer!

Way to go, Jeruba! You are in a class by yourself.

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Congratulations :D

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Oh, and by the way, Mazel Tov™!

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Oh, thank you, my darlings, thank you all!

<blowing kisses and casting rosebuds liberally in all directions>

I’ve brought the biggest cake I could find so we all could share. Have a nibble, everyone.

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I always look forward to your questions and answers (in my opinion, they are some of the best on Fluther). It’s no surprise to see that you are now a part of the esteemed 20K club. Congratulations to you, @Jeruba!

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Now I’m wanting pancakes.

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YAY! How long did it take to get that much Lurve?

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Absolutely sensational, @Jeruba! Terrific work and a big CONGRATULATIONS to you! =)

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Very impressive! Congratulations and thank you for all of your wonderful contributions. :O)

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Congratulations Jeruba. I always enjoy reading what you have to say—great contributions.

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And a well deserved 20k it is. We will miss you in the 10k playhouse, but with any luck (and a whole lot of hard work), some of us will see you there before you find your way to the yet to be built 30k clubhouse. Tis all a mater of time.

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Congrats!! Honestly, it’s not much of a surprise, considering you’d probably be at about 100k if we were allowed to give out more lurve. I admire your intelligence and grace, and your posts are always an enjoyable read. In short, you rock. :)

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Hooray! Hooray! It’s 20K Day!
The day we start anew.
So this year I’ve decided
to become a kangaroo.

Or maybe I will learn to fly,
or how to walk through walls,
or how to turn invisible,
or surf on waterfalls.

I’ll make myself elastic
and I’ll teach myself to shrink.
I’ll turn into a liquid
and I’ll pour me down the sink.

I’ll visit other planets
and meet aliens galore.
I’ll travel to the distant past
and ride a dinosaur.

I’ve got so many wondrous plans.
I’m starting right away.
Yes, this will be the best year yet.
Hooray! It’s 20K Day!

—stolen from Kenn Nesbitt

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Yay, Jeruba! I always love seeing your input here. It makes my day a bit brighter every time.


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A wonderful woman.
A fantastic achievement.
And a hell of a jelly.

Congratulations and the warmest of wishes!!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Lady Jeruba! So happy to see you moving on over here to the 20k mansion… your room is just around the corner from mine, and it’s fully stocked with books!

You have been a wonderful jelly since day one. More importantly, a wonderful friend. Congratulations!

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JERUBA!!!! YAY!!!! you made it!!! What took you so long? You’re an amazing person and a fascinating teacher, Jer. (: CONGRATULATIONS!!!
You made it! You made it! You made it!

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Oh, Augie! How well you have read me. Utter perfection. I wouldn’t leave that room for a free ticket to heaven with waiver of all admissions requirements.

And the poetry and pictures and nice words and pancakes—you all are too kind. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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Woot woot! Oh happy day! It seems like you arrived just yesterday!!!!! To one of the most fair minded level headed, articulate jellies out there, a wonderful Congratulations to you!!

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Wow. How awesome. I always love reading the posts of an esteemed wordsmith, verbivore, and logolept such as yourself.

Well deserved congratulations to you. You help to elevate the level of discourse here on Fluther.

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Congrats to the lovely, fabulous Jeruba. Well deserved. We’re all so glad you’re here.

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Oh, cool. Jeruba’s going to Taco Bell? Can she get me a Steak Soft Taco?

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@filmfann would you like some toilet paper and fresh undies to go with that?

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@eponymoushipster when the going gets tough, the tough go to Taco Bell

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“I love taco bell, but i hate having to scrub the blood stains from my tighty whiteys…”

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Taco Bell should only be visited after the bars close, when you can hang out in the drive-thru line with all the other drunk people.

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@Jeruba I would have expected you all to consume all the party favors by now, so I brought backup.

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I love this lady and her wisdom!!! YAY JERUBA!!!!

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Congratulations, @Jeruba! You deserve it! Your contributions are always well worth reading and thinking about. Thank you!

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Happy.. Happy… Joy… Joy!!!

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@asmonet ; Thank you for clarifying the pants on the ground reference. I had been hearing the phrase, but I didn’t know the history. I am now enlightened!

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Well, I wish there was an easier way to find the 20 and 10 K threads. As I said in my duplicate thread:

Congratulations to “our very own muse of wisdom and graciousness,” Jeruba, on reaching the 20K milestone.

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@asmonet THANK you for putting the link to this in @Jeruba‘s PM. I saw she’d hit 20 and I was looking all over for the party! @marinelife There’s an idea…have someone put a public link to the party in your PM…...

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Here’s how I find the parties: In the search box, type in username + 10k (or 20k, in this case) including the spaces. It always works for me. I usually post a link to the question in my public PM congratulations on the member’s profile, but @asmonet had already done that.

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@Auggie Thank you, Great Wise Woman of Fluther! (I usually just stumble around, drunk and unseeing, until I fall into it.)

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oooooo you have much sexy lurve ya? 20K, we love you long long long long time.

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Well I finally found this thread! You’re amazing! Congrats! I was just telling Alex who finally got around to being here more that you’re definitely someone whose answers he should pay attention to.Love!

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my good mate @Jeruba, I am so sorry I missed your party. I know, you told me I didn’t have to apologize for being late, but 3 weeks is really pushing my luck!

So congratulations, you are the cream on top!

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