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The world is allowing you to create your own holiday and we all get to have the day off. What is your holiday and what do you call it?

Asked by AstroChuck (37368points) February 5th, 2010 from iPhone

Being the incredible narcissist that I am my holiday is about yours truly and I call it AstroChuck Day. It comes every year on February 6th (Hey! That’s tomorrow!) and everybody is invited to join in the joyous praising of me. We all wear short pants (which is the only kind I ever wear) and have a bonfire of junk mail. The entire time we continuously down many boat drinks shirtless while singing various Jimmy Cliff songs. Afterwards we hold a drunken poetry contest. Can you guess who the subject of the poems is?
Now, tell me about your holiday. How should we celebrate it?

BTW, AstroChuck Day should not be confused with the other holiday (AstroChuck’s Birthday) honoring me. That day always falls on the second Monday in December.

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@Mike_Hunt Sexy elf costumes?

I’d definitely have a day where everyone gets to cuddle while watching Star Wars.
Perfect day.

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My holiday would be to honor all the scientists, skeptics, freethinkers and other secular minded people that have lifted humanity out of the aristotlian (sp) mindframe and into the rational mindframe. Churches would have to pay taxes just like everyone else and there would be no teaching of creationism or biblical fairytales for a whole day lol.

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Crazy Day. Nothing is sane today.

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The one I would most have loved to invent already exists… Steak and Blowjob day on March 14th. Other than that I’d have to say “Free Steak and eggs day”

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Say Whatever the F*ck is on Your Mind Day, Regardless of Political Correctness or Social Customs… I’d spend 364 days per year (excuse me, 363… there’s no time on AstroChuck Day) making lists of everything I wanted to say to everyone. Cute guy on the train? Sure I don’t know his name, but on SWFYM Day, I’m gonna go up to him and tell him that he’s on the menu tonight. Bossy coworker? On SWFYM Day, she gets to know that I threw all of her “high priority” papers in the shredder last month. Calling in sick to the boss? “Oh no, I’m not coming into today, I’ve got the hangover from hell.” The best part about SWFYM Day is that there are no repercussions! This sounds like a day when chaos rules, but really… wouldn’t you be nicer to everyone throughout the year if you knew that on SWFYM Day there’d be an all-out honesty frenzy?

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mmm, not really a holiday but more of a holigay.

Earthday – like the earth hour but a whole day. No one is allowed to use electricity for the whole day unless if it is powered by renewable sources. Possibly all this energy could be used to power fridges/freezers etc. Gas is also forbidden. It would be best to hold this during summer (around 21st of June) so it’s nice and warm and people can go outside and have have fun in parks and with friends.

Anyone caught disobeying will be sanctioned with DEATH. Or a hefty slap.

/edit Hospitals can still run normally though and other services.

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@borderline_blonde I predict the first SWFYM day would just have everyone complaining about SWFYM day.

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Authors’ Day. I’d like it to be the first Friday in August, which is a month desolate and drear with respect to holidays. We honor authors of all times and places, singly and collectively, and we celebrate it by reading! Whether in a hammock with a jug of lemonade, or on a comfy sofa with plenty of cushions, or on the beach or in a lawn chair or snuggled down in bed, we observe Authors’ Day by settling in with a good book.

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I was thinking about improvisational dance day. Everyone would get to dance with everyone, and peace would take over the world!

I can dream, can’t I?

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Children’s day.

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Postal Day.

You get to stay home that day before you go Postal on your boss or clients.
It will save hundreds of lives.
Real Day.
No body is allowed to brush their hair or shave or wear makeup or any girdles or flattering clothing. Just sweats and underwear.
Then you get to see everyone as they really are without any modern devices to aid in their beauty. Oh, and no deodorant or perfumes push up bras or colonges.

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@skfinkel- As my parents used to say, “Everyday is Children’s Day.”

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Gender Bender Day – everyone is free to wear whatever and act however.

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Btw, everyone,

D A Y !

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Interfaith Encounter Day

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@mattbrowne I call that Every Morning on the Train.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – Every Morning on the Train Having Conversations?

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@mattbrowne trying to drown out the illogical is more like it

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Well, there’s illogical anti-religious criticism and there’s logical anti-religious criticism. Likewise there’s illogical anti-atheist criticism and there’s logical anti-atheist criticism.

Besides, what we notice during our commutes are multicultural encounters, which do not necessarily have something to do with faith or differences between faiths.

Interfaith Encounter Days would really be about a better understanding and the development of mutual appreciation as long as everyone stays tolerant.

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