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Should it be illegal to ask Fluther questions while drunk?

Asked by HungryGuy (15997points) February 5th, 2010


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No. But you may have a different appreciation of the answers when you are sober.

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Are you going to be put in fluther jail if you do? Or get a fluther ticket?

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Not if you’re one of those drunken geniouses ;)

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Sir, have you been Fluthering tonight?

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i swear to drunk im not god

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I think I’ll have another beer while I watch this question and wait for a mod to come along and send it back to me for “editing”...

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No. More like it should be illegal to answer questions sober. Then you wouldn’t have to read any of my crap.

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@HungryGuy :: The question is good. It just belonged in “meta”.

Now excuse me while I take a drink. Hamm’s FTW.

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Answering drunk can be pretty freaking hazardous too!


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@johnpowell – Oh…. Maybe I should have a beer or two before asking any more Fluther questins… It seems that increases my odds of getting them approved :-/

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What is everyone’s preferred drink?

I like Pabst.

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@Dog Yes it can! I received two drunk fluthering warnings the other night. I paid my dues the following day with dry heaves.

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Drunken Fluthering is awesome. Just sayin’.

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@augustlan I’m nursing a wine cooler this evening. My stomach still hurts from three nights ago. ;)

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Slow and steady. :)

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Drunken fluthering can be a hoot! I recall several instances of drunken with friends back in the day and it was all in good fun

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FUI is dangerous! I have been known to FUI of ambien a time or two. The screen starts to look like fluffy cotton. It is strange.

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@Judi me too! A friend gave me an Ambien on my last road trip and I was in Fluther chat… all of a sudden moss was growing all over my keyboard. It was really funny trying to find the letters under the moss. It was strangely calming too. Really weird.

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Bud light lime, and Crown Royal

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@Judi and @Dog: Hahaha that is great, quite dangerous indeed

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MDMA got you feelin’ like a champion
The city never sleeps, better slip you an Ambien!

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So, if it isn’t ok to ask fluther questions when drunk, is it ok to drink while asking questions, so long as you are not yet drunk?

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@wundayatta I certainly hope so, since I’m drinking a Rolling Rock as I type this!

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@augustlan Rolling Rock? Don’t you have any beer in… well… wherever it is you live? ;=)

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