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For breast implants, which are the best kind to get? Also, what is the average cost of getting breast implants?

Asked by Oxymoron (1239points) February 5th, 2010

I’m currently a size B cup and would like to be a D cup or DD cup. I’m wondering what type of implant has the least amount of health risks. As well as how much it costs to have breast implants put in? Are there any weight/age restrictions? If you have personally gotten this procedure done or know someone who has I would love to hear about it.Thank you for the help in advance.

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What’s wrong with being a B?
They don’t get in the way!

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@rangerr – I hate being a B cup. I used to be a C cup but then I lost weight so I really miss having bigger boobs. Ha ha.

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@Oxymoron I could understand that I’m actually not a fan of being so small. BUT why so erm. large? Just curious. I think you’re super pretty as it is.

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@rangerr – Well thank you! I just want them that size because that’s what I’ve always wanted. I envy people who have that size of breasts.

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B cups are just fine. There’s no reason to change them.
You seem to have a very negative body image, and I honestly don’t think differently sized breasts will change that. Go at this problem mentally, not surgically.

For reference though, you’re looking at a $5,000 procedure in the US, give or take $2,000.

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@Sarcasm – I’m not doing it for self esteem or anything. I just really want them bigger.

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@Oxymoron And I’ve been told they are a pain in the ass. :l

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I’ve heard that the saline one’s are better. I think they go for about $3000.00 or more.

@Sarcasm – I don’t think she said anywhere in the question whether you preferred B cups or not. What was the point of giving your opinion?

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@Hydrogenbond His opinion is a relevant one, as well as a good one.

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@rangerr – It may be a good opinion, but it is definitely off topic and irrelevant. Unless I misread where it said she wants to know what others think of being a B cup, comment on her self esteem and being arrogant enough to tell her that her want for bigger boobs is actually because she needs psychological help. If she wants bigger boobs, then fine, if she’s asking how much they cost and which ones are better to have, that’s what’s to be talked about.

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I think the silicone are said to have a better feel and as per cup size it may have to do with your body type and size as to what will be best. If you’re small I wouldn’t go beyond a large C. DD would just look disproportionate.
As per boobs and implants, it’s on point. No one asks for anyone’s opinion but if you’re in a public forum, you’re going to hear them.

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silicone is best. An uncomplicated boob job ( where there is no lift) from a good, board accredited surgeon is about $5000 – $6000 including fees for use of operatory, anesthesiologist, dressings etc. You will have to go for a consultation, as there are considerations like will they have to move your nipples, and what kind of incision you will have. ps In a large metro area the minumum age is about 17, most places it is 18.

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Just sayin’... the surgery isn’t worth it, honey. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with B cups. I understand that it’s a matter of personal preference, but you should really think about this. Breast augmentation requires “tune-ups” every 10 years or so…that’s a lot of time, effort, money, and worry. They look and feel unnatural. Fake breasts honestly disappoint men most of the time. I can guarantee any guy you ask will prefer natural B cups to DD implants.

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As a guy, I will tell you I prefer B cups, and you should be secure enough with your own body not to alter yourself like this.
However, my daughter had this done, and is very happy with the result. She went from a small B to a D, and said immediately after the surgery that she wished she went bigger. Several of her friends had this done, and they all regretted the surgery in the hours following, but they are all happy with it now.
My daughter’s surgery cost $4000, including the implants. She couldn’t use her arms for a week following, and didn’t feel natural for a month or two.

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@SeventhSense – You’re right, you are going to, and they are going to be offtopic and irrelevant.

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Did you know that everyone else in the world thinks that the North Americans have a grotesque, idealised image of beauty, constructed by the popular media to encourage the psychologically harmful feelings of inferiority and inadequacy, which lead people to spend ridiculous amounts of money on “cosmetic” medicine (including so much on unnecessary dental ‘care’) and other over-priced, worthless crap?

Just so you know, most people think you have a sick society, with an inane and shallow culture, locked into an obsession with the self that benefits only the greedy corporations, who are laughing all the way to the bank, because you’re crying about being only normal.

Don’t take this personally, Oxy. I’m sure surgery is great, if you want to subscribe to all that bullshit and basically sell-out your body and soul to the corporations, in return for a prefabricated sense of belonging. If this is what you want to dedicate months of your life’s labour to, it’s great if it makes you happy, you corporate whore, you.

Go on, live the American Dream™ and enjoy your insignificant existence in the blatantly commercialised, crudely glamorised, mass-produced, faux-fur lifestyle that, ironically enough, somehow gives it meaning for you.

I can only blame North Americans a little more than North Koreans for such ridiculous establishment-serving obsessions, and that’s because you have the opportunity to look at it from the perspective of the rest of humanity.

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Don’t get me wrong, I know all capitalist democracies are tending towards this, but the USA is like the international messiah of corporate-sponsored, prefabricated, celebrity-endorsed designer souls.

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You should really ask a doctor that has this as her specialty – ask two, for that matter. I don’t think you’ve got a handle on just how risky this is – it’s not like putting on lipstick – this is a serious procedure, one you might absolutely regret later.

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@The_Idler Take it easy bro. No one asked for your rabid opinions about American culture. It’s true that the media has a strong influence on one’s self-image and beauty is idealized, but to assume that the OP has an “insignificant existence” just because she wants breast implants is a bit over the top. Living in America doesn’t automatically make you a slave to corporations. There are materialistic people, but those exist in any modern country.
What basis do you have to say that “everyone” thinks that about North America? And that “most people” think we have a sick society? If that’s true, then why are “most people” in other countries condoning everything American… watching our movies, our TV, our celebrities, wearing our labels. If that’s true, then “most people” are fucking hypocrites.

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@le_inferno Let me address your points in turn

Firstly, I was saying this, as in almost everyone has an insignificant existence, and we cope with it in different ways. As a general group, the Americans are considered to cope with it by striving towards this idealised image of American perfection, which just so happens to further the interests of corporate giants. This is why it is perceived as being more shallow and sick than, say, a society in which people strive towards building a better community for their family and friends, or spiritual fulfilment, or personal achievements, in ways that are not contrived by the establishment for their own benefit.

Secondly, I didn’t say that living in America makes you a slave to corporations. I clearly outlined the behaviour which, in my eyes, makes you a slave to corporations. At no point did I suggest that this behaviour is exclusive to North America (but there, it began), or that all North Americans exhibit it. I am saying that it is disgustingly prevalent in North America, and noticeably growing in other capitalist democracies. You implied that I am stupid, by suggesting that I believe all Americans behave like this. I am not stupid. I was talking about the pop culture. OBVIOUSLY I wouldn’t tar 300,000,000 people with the same brush. Please do not do this again.

Next, it isn’t about materialism. It is about celebrity worship and idealised, contrived ideas about what ordinary people should do, have and be (which just so happens to be exactly what big-business wants to teach you/sell you/make you into).

Also, I am not saying that the problem is with the American people, but with what the American media and corporations have done to the American people, and are trying to do to the rest of the world. It is succeeding because of US supremacy and the genius of marketing techniques. Any thinking man realises this, and holds American culture – and this associated behaviour – in contempt, for its manufactured and contrived nature, and, furthermore, they hate it for infiltrating and undermining their own “real” traditions and culture.

American cultural exports are mostly popular with children, and these self-obsessive behaviours are generally limited to the prime-targets, young women and teenage girls. This is what makes the thinking man hate it so much, because he sees it for the contrived, commercial nonsense that it is, but at the same time, his teenage daughter is obsessed with studio bands and this Made in Hollywood idealisation of lifestyle and appearance.

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Hah, I’m sorry for derailing so bad, I just really think 17 year olds with Bs shouldn’t be worrying about surgery. It is sad, and epitomises what is popularly conceived to be the shallow, commercial US culture invading and twisting the minds of our youth, for the material benefit of corporate Grandmasters.

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@le_inferno – I agree with you on this one.

@The_Idler – I’m glad you have such a well constructed opinion against something that has nothing to do with what’s being asked, congrats. How did you know she’s 17? You guys close?

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what does all that shit have to do with her actual question

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Your youthful idealism is refreshing and no doubt you feel passionate but there is more beyond your sophomore year. Not the least of which may be tact and a level of argument commensurate with the question being asked. “Insignificant existence, faux-fur lifestyle, corporate Grandmasters twisting the minds of youth, shallow slaves to corporations” are all inflammatory and not worthy of intelligent discussion. Do you think you’re the first person to consider the role of the Madison Avenue in popular culture? This has been happening since before the written word and since man had something to sell.
Start another thread if you want to point out the horrors of plastic surgery or just join the jihad. Americans are far more savvy to the influence of commercialism than you imagine.

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Nah I suspect so. I thought when I wrote it I shouldve made another thread, hence my apology.

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you go @SeventhSense , like always. we luv you

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always happy to be slapped with the lurve..

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Big boobs are not all they are cracked up to be. You can never buy the cute lingerie, it costs an arm and leg to get bra’s to fit mostly when you have big boobs and a small frame which you look like you are and a lot of low cut tops do not look classy on you like it does on smaller chested woman. I think the grass always looks greener on the other side.

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You’re grass looks pretty green to me

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Are you trying to improve your maladjusted self image or is your attractiveness to the opposite sex of any concern whatsoever? If the latter is true, forget the surgery. Men, in every question I have seen on here on the subject, prefer natural. I would prefer a natural A cup to a fake DD cup. in fact, if I found you attractive with a B cup, I would lose ALL desire for you with fake DD’s.

Listen to the women on here. B cups don’t get in the way of normal life and they probably jiggle nicely when you’re gettin down to business. That’s what guys like.

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If you want to get a breast implant you need to talk with a certified surgeon and make sure that you are physically and psychologically ready for the cost, the pain, the scar and healing time that you will go through during and after the surgery.

I know of some people who have undergone breast implants, I find that there are some that says it went out as what they expected, but their are also some who said that after the implant something they doné expect like scars that shows as well as one that said her boobs did improve but then doesn’t like how it looks. Just make sure you are ready for any consequences. And I know that you have ample time thinking and asking for advices. You can ask anyone near your place or at work how they had theirs and the success.

If you want too, there are other certain methods and techniques to increase the size of your breast like breast massages, breast exercise and eating foods rich in fiber like whole grain products and veggies. I have a friend who told me this works better because of natural results. Although this may not come as fast as the result you will get from breast implants.

Phyto-estrogen products from companies that sells creams or pills to enhance the growth of breast are also very helpful in improving the growth of breast tissues. If you are interested, I have here a link I found useful site: breast enhancement

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