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Why does my DCOm server process launcher need to terminate unexpectedly 25 times a day?

Asked by faye (17827points) February 5th, 2010

My pc with windows vista pops up a little window that says the above. Then it shuts it’s merry little self off and restarts. I have lost some remarkable answers due to this and my sanity is a close second. Googling for answers tells me to install Malware which I did yesterday and if anything it’s worse. Anyone have any ideas for me?

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Uh.. it told you to install Malware? lol…..... that has to be some kind of joke..

open command prompt and type “chkdsk /f” it will tell you the disk is in use and ask if you want to check it on next startup. do that.

download Avira Antivirus and scan your computer before you restart (this may take a long time depending on how much crap you have)

Try Defragmenting after this. Something could be moved too far in the hard drive for your hardware to process..

this is a good place to start

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@odali thank you so much and I’ll do it as soon as you tell me how to find command prompt. And should I uninstall malware, someone on fluther uses it too!

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Not sure what version of windows you’re on, but this should work in all versions…

Goto Start>Run


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