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They all like - You might like - How useful are recommender systems really?

Asked by mattbrowne (31719points) February 6th, 2010

These tools are also called personalized recommendation systems, collaborative filtering or preference elicitation programs and they are usually part of cross merchandising, suggestive selling, and personalized marketing strategies. See also

One of the best known systems is part of Amazon. Very often I find them quite useful. Do you?

Is their usefulness limited to certain products such as books, computer games, videos and music albums? Or can they be applied to virtually every product from food to furniture and consumer electronics equipment? What about websites?

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Sometimes I find them helpful, Pandora radio is somewhat like that as they play stations similar to what you pick but also branch out of the genre just enough to give you tastes of other artists/bands.

I suppose it varies I say its 50/50 a flip of the coin.

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My favorite is DVD recommendations.

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