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How are the rich & famous able to communicate and keep their privacy ?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4655points) February 6th, 2010

I have always wondered how are famous/powerful people able to communicated (cell,text,email) with just friends/family and not have tons of people send them unwanted messages.
Do they get an exclusive unlisted cell number/email address,do they just switch numbers/address constantly or do they have a call/message screener which only lets they right people through?

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well being famous myself, I can’t share that information sorry! just joking. Good question no idea :)

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I would assume they live the life of a drug dealer in the sense that they trust a circle of people with their info until it’s compromised, then they switch numbers etc and redistribute the info lol.

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People who are either rich, famous, or both end up giving up a lot of privacy. They do many of the things you have mentioned – changing numbers, unlisted numbers, numbers under a pseudonym, screeners or assistants who take calls.

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I have no idea…I’m not rich and famous…but if someone can lend me a couple billion dollars, I’ll reply as soon as possible!

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They don’t.

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Rich people have a secret handshake, and famous people have special ringtones that are available only to them. If you become rich and famous, then you also get a special decoder ring so that you can receive special coded messages from other rich and famous people. (Your entourage would have to screen out the merely rich and the merely famous at that point.)

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How do you get the cellphone number of someone who you don’t know? I think that goes a long way to ensuring privacy.

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well, when they are on tv, they have secret motions that other people watch for. It’s like a secret sign language. If someone were to stretch out their hand and twiddle their fingers, it would mean “hey, long time no see. How about we get together for dinner sometime?” It would take a while to respond.

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I set my cell number to only ring for numbers already in the phone’s memory. I participate in a surprising number of online forums, but my on-line personas are deliberately turned 180 degrees and nobody would ever connect them to me. And I never admit to strangers that I am Scarlett Johansson. Oh, wait…

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Paper cup telephone method.

Actually, it’s probably what @Blackberry suggested – there’s probably a lot of switching of numbers.

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