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Is it too soon to say "I Love You?"?

Asked by dpworkin (27035points) February 6th, 2010

I am extremely attracted to a group of men (please, no moralizing) and I have the urge to tell them that I love them, but I worry that this would be premature. They have been pleasing to me over the last several months or so, but they could possibly prove to be a disappointment tomorrow (though I fervently hope not.)

Should I just throw caution to the winds and just declare my love for the New Orleans Saints? How about you?

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I would not say it.

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It’s too soon, it’s hard enough for one man to say it, how do you think a team will react? You’ll make them nervous and they will be distracted and lose.

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OMG…you had me going there for a minute! LOLLLLLLLLLL

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Love is unconditional. Even if you are so fed up that you have to wear a bag on your head, you still buy a ticket and go to the game.

Did you know the Saints have 70,000 season ticket holders?

If you don’t say “I love you,” at least say “I believe!”

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@kevbo : GA! If you loved the Ain’ts, you must love the Saints!

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If you want the Saints to win tomorrow, keep this comment to yourself. total shock has ruined many a man, not to mention a whole football team.

After they win the superbowl, THEN express your feelings. all of us have a lot of money bet on this game and i just know you would not want us to lose….......right???

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I was lucky to go to many games in the 80s.

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It’s a risky thing to do. You might end up having done to you what the Colts will do to the Saints tomorrow.

I actually hope the Saints win, but I’m a realist

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@dpworkin Don’t you think it is bit late in the season to profess your love even for a group of fabulous men??? I think it is more of infatuation and at the end of the day tomorrow you may feel differently.

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Who Dat?

My heart did seize up just a bit when I started reading your question.
I though, WTF?

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Normally I would err on the side of caution but the objects of your love are in a situation where your declaration of love could help empower them in the days to come.


After all- what could you (or they) lose? ;)

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I think you may well get hurt by your declaration. I hope you are not.

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@marinelife True- but he is already emotionally invested.

I think it he needs to stand up and profess his feelings now- before they become famous. Show he is with them and loves them REGARDLESS of what comes. If he waits till they are famous he will just look like a bandwagon whore. ;)

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I am unable to deny my love for Drew Brees.

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I dont thinks its a good idea bud, but goog luck to you

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Can’t you just string them along a bit?

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There’s a coincidence with 4s going around (44th prez, 44th SB, Saints won in OT @4,:44 etc.) you’ll have to look it up.

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How about: I am really and truly grateful for your friendship.

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Shout it from the rooftops, @pd -@dpworkin! Who knows, maybe the Saints like you back!

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What are you, @dpworkin, a fuckin’ cheerleader?

I wanna see you in your skirt waving your pom poms!

(And what happened to your professed love for the Jets? Fie, fickle man!)

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The Jets aren’t in the Superbowl this year. Perhaps you missed the memo.

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So you love ‘em and leave ‘em when they’re no use any more? Fie, fickle man.

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They left me. Jets fans and Saints fans (and I count myself among both groups) understand heartache. If the Jets had been playing the Saints in the Super Bowl the way Our Lord intended, I would be rooting for the Jets, of course. Besides, what the fuck do you know about it?

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I’m a curious woman and always eager to learn new things from my friends.

go saints!

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How do you find time for all those men?! ... and how did you get them ok with sharing? ;)

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It’s called “Teamwork”, @borderline_blonde!

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@dpworkin ahaha nice. I’ll use that the next time I find an entire gaggle of men to call my own.

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@Trillian Yes, steel workers can be very attractive men. Unfortunately, almost all of the mills have moved away, and it’s harder and harder to meet a real steel worker nowadays.

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Oh… my ribs. You’re a funny man. Look at the funny man kids!~
Seriously, @dpworkin, I’ll root for the Saints right along with you because my boys aren’t playing. I’m really more a fan of the game than any team. A well played game can happen no matter who is playing. WOOT WOOT!

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@dpworkin I am starting to get seriously worried here.

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you can’t miss what you haven’t ever had

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Another situation where you can hope for the best, prepare and pre-accept the worst. I do believe well-delivered honesty is always the answer – so yes, do. Don’t worry about any of the consequences (positive or negative) while in the process of expressing it. Be in the moment, say it with your voice, emotion, and body language. Chances are, if you’re not distracted or sending mixed signals – it’ll be received well.

The problem though arises from what people think by love. In English there’s only one word for it, 8 in Greek for example. Have a simple, nice chat about what it means to you that you love them and how. Is this binding, is it open-free love, is it possessive?
What does it change? There are so many perceptions your audience may have :)

That said, enjoy the moment, especially that moment.

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Who Dat! This Louisiana girl loves the Bless You Boys, because they make her world a happier place to live. Laissez la bon temps roulier…..Geaux Saints!

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So was there a “Happy Ending?” * grin *

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Oh, wasn’t it gorgeous?

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I particularly loved the off-side kick in the third quarter. The Saints really turned it around there!

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On-side kick, darling. But good try.

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I’m just a larnin’

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I guess it’s time to say it. I loved that game; I loved the result.

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