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Creative ways to propose?

Asked by Jude (32112points) February 6th, 2010

It won’t happen for a bit (about a year from now), but, (for fun) I would love to get some ideas from you all.

I’m a lady and so is my SO.

shhhh.. for those of you who know her – hush, hush.

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Well I really think you’d know better because you know what she’s into – but why don’t you take a yoga class with her and ask the teacher to in the middle of class to correct a posture of hers by saying ‘good, Nikki, that looks great…I would like you to breathe more because Jmah has something to ask you’ and then you ask her.

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Take her to a baseball game and in the 9th inning… have the question on the board for all to see… And then be prepared to be in the spotlight! Of if you are looking for a more intimate and romantic way… Take her out to eat and have the waiter drop the ring in the wine/champagne glass and when it is served and when she sees it… drop down on one knee and ask her right there!

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If you do it in the wintertime you could do something involving snow. While walking through a snowy area pretend to drop something like a cellphone. While both of you rummage through the snow looking for it, say something like “Oh, I think I found it, but I can’t get it out!” When she comes over, say “Oh, there it goes!” Then pull a ring out of the “snow” and you’re conveniently on one knee and she’s right in front of you! Hooray!

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Take her on a weekend getaway or a vacation, and when she says something about how great it is or what a good time she’s having, say “Would you like to have it be like this always? Marry me.”

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Go back to a place that you feel has the earliest romantic feelings for you both and stay there or nearby. Wake in the morning, stroke her hair and enjoy the light playing off her eyes. Take a hand of hers in yours and kiss across the fingertips, ask her if she’d be in your arms always, give you her eyes and her smiles, her laughter and love… always. Ask her to marry you then and if you’ve a ring then tuck it into her hand to where she has to take it from you to open up her hand and look at it then look at you while you gaze on her as the dearest thing to your life. Wind a finger in her curls and keep smiling.

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Suprise her with a dirty limerick ;)) I wish you all the best

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I don’t konow how creative this sounds. We had been living together for over four years, were unable to have sex due to her injuries and surgeries. When the doctor said “OK’, we did. The next morning, I brought her breakfast in bed. On the tray was the 2 ct diamond passed down through my mothers family since the 1700s. I proposed on my knees , as I was taught that a gentleman should. The breakfast was quite cold by the time we ate it and I had to ice a second bottle of champagne. We were married six months later, my mother in ecstacy over the preparations.

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Take her to your favorite restaurant and play a game of “will you marry me?” hangman on a napkin while you wait for your food/ dessert. Very exciting! I hope to hear all about it!

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Put together a a scavenger/treasure hunt that celebrates the greatest things about you as a couple and as individuals. Have the hunt end in one of your favorite secluded spots. (To make sure things are set-up and undisturbed the second to last stop should be sometime away from the final destination. A friend/helper can tell you she is on her way to you or have a friend at the other end waiting for your signal to set things up if you want to join her on the “hunt” ).

Leading up to the secluded spot have a path of candles or brightly colored string that will guide her to where you wait (or where you want the two of you to end).

If you make a hand drawn map that highlights the treasure hunt you’ll also have a great wedding present to frame and put on display in your home.

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I remember you saying months ago she was into art. How about giving her a book of paintings of an artist she loves and writing the proposal on an appropriate painting? Maybe a balloon coming out of a subject’s mouth?

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I like what @janbb suggests, maybe a ring tied on a ribbon to a bookmark that you write the proposal on.

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@janbb I like you’re idea, but write the proposal on the flyleaf instead of defacing on of the pictures( I’m a book lover).

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Is she the type of girl who likes a big show or something more quiet and romantic? That’s something to think about.

I popped the question on the spur of the moment while we were laying on the floor of the living room, cuddling, sans ring. It just felt like the perfect moment. If I had to do it again, I would have got a ring and carried it around with me waiting until the exact same type of moment arose. The proposal came from my heart, not from preparation.

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@janbb, @stranger_in_a_strange_land, write the proposal on a Post-It (maybe one of those nice parchment-flavored ones), cut out in the shape of a speech balloon, and have it sticking out over the edge of the page just a tiny bit.

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Get dressed up Dapper Flapper Gangsta style and go to a Big Band dance and have the band leader start the process front and center….you propose, she says yes and you get the best slow dance of your life!!

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My son is proposing on Monday. He contacted Disneyland and they are creating a “Magical Moment” for him. They are going to go on the storybook boat ride and they are going to stop the ride in front of Snow White’s Castle. They are going to have their photographers available for him to pop the question right there. When he asked how much it would cost to arrange all this they said, “It’s on the Mouse.”

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I sure hope she says yes.

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@Judi: Disneyland gets more and more fantastical!

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@Jeruba Great idea! I knew that a fellow book-lover would think of something like this

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I need to tell you what happened!!!!
Landon arranged it all ahead of time. Jeff and I pretended like we were presented with a magical moment at the gate. We said we got some sort of special pass for the storybook ride, but we were not sure what it was, but we could be there no later than 1:00.
When we showed up they were not prepared. I gave them the pass, but I had to whisper what was going on to one of the workers.
She told “us” that for these magical moments they like to have a special storyteller, so they hoped we didn’t mind if we waited.
When Our storyteller arrived we got on the boat and she started telling all the romantic stories. After we went through Aladdin and Jasmine’s arch she told us to make a wish.
As we approached Cinderella’s castle she said, “Tracie, Did YOU make a wish?”
Tracie looked at her puzzled because she didn’t think she told her her name.
When she looked back over at Landon he was on his knee, with a sweet speech and an open ring box. She cried and said YES by the way!
When we came back, all the people in line were cheering. She then paraded us to all the hard to get on rides in fantasy land ringing a bell saying, “Landon and Tracie were just engaged at Disneyland!
They gave them the veil and the top hat with ears and they gave them some other gifts too.
When Landon asked how much it would cost they said, “It’s on the Mouse.”

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@Judi Awwww!! Yay! :)

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Only works if you’re on FB apparently, the link brought up my son’s log-in and I don’t have his password.

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Ahh…I want to get engaged at Disneyland. I’ll cross my fingers.

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I’ll have to upload it to photobucket.

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Oh – sweet!

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Do it while skydiving! just dont drop the ring :)

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@jmah You could do it on Fluther but that wouldn’t be a first!

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