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Where on the internet can I take practise binomial theorem questions with the answers so I can check if I'm doing it right?

Asked by Coting (371points) February 6th, 2010

Or any other website that might help me learn binomial theorem.

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Why not use past papers?

Not only can you see exactly how they would be marked, the questions will be 100% relevant to your course.

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Math Help Forum

Yahoo Answers

Physics Forum

Here are a few places I found some binomial theorem questions where others helped someone with the answers.
Hope that helps,

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I use the “Math Help Forum” and Gibilisco’s “Algebra Know-It-All” text with my internet students.

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I’m not taking a course. I just want to learn it.

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There are some worked problems here at Purple Math (see 2nd page)

and they also have a whole page of other math links here.

Good luck!

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The above 2 links give you a variety of questions in binomial theorem to practice.The answers are hidden and after you are done with your attempt of resolving, you can refer the answers.In the first link, just moving your mouse cursor over the highlighted area in pink would expose the answer.In the second one,you have to click to view the answers.
I’m telling from my experience in Maths that each and every question in binomial theorem are somewhat of same kind.Of course,there are twists which you have to figure out.After practicing the above set of questions,it won’t be any problem for you to toy with binomial theorem related questions.If you need any further help,feel free to ask me anytime.

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