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Asked by madmax303 (262points) February 6th, 2010

ok so I came across this anime music website called i want to know if this is illegal or legal because it is FREE to DOWNLOAD!!!! Does anyone use this site and know the answer?? thanks

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Probably illegal, but why does it matter?

If this stuff is otherwise unobtainable outside of Japan, nobody is going to care.

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Some people make their music available for free, and then it’s legal. Authors are not obliged to ask money ;-)

I’m not so sure about this, but indeed, if this is the only way to get a hold of it I wouldn’t worry too much. You can also try to contact the author to see if you can donate some money directly to compensate.

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If it says free and the site has a members area then you should be okay, i download free mixtapes from all the time and they are a legit site.

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@madmax303 . . . what do you mean by came across this website??? ...didn’t you solicit this information as posted here on fluther? as with any other website, you should always read the posted Terms of Use policy…

for this site, it does say the following:

“All mp3 files are for evaluation purposes only. Music downloaded from this website must be deleted after 24 hours.
This website aims to provide samples of songs, not to replace the need to buy CDs.
If you like the song, support the artist and buy their CD! I have made an effort to include buy links, author, and album information for this reason.
Music hosted on this website shall be removed once it comes to my attention that it has been licensed in the United States. ”

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@njnyjobs i came across this website by asking a question : are there any websites where i can get anime music. and then people told me bout it

@Vincentt there is something where you can make donations. does that mean anything??

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The site attempts to be legal by requiring that you download then delete the mp3 files within 24 hours.

They can’t compel you to comply, however.

They delete material once it has been licenced in the USA.

You can use this site to do illegal things, but the site is not to blame for what you do.

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Dragonballz, I’m getting mean those funny nasally challenged cartoons have music?
and don’t a lot of ‘em seem to be missing ears as well?.

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@SeventhSense yes there is music to anime. no need to insult

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You find that insulting? You need thicker skin or a sense of humor my little Pokemon.

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@SeventhSense haha that was so hysterical. im rofl. lol

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