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What is the difference between being alone and feeling alone?

Asked by Holden_Caulfield (1139points) February 6th, 2010

There are times when we are by ourselves and we are content, and yet times when by oursleves when we are alone, and also feeling alone. To that point, there are times when we are with othersm, wither individualy ir in a group and yet we still feel alone. Have you ever felt alone while you with others? Have you ever tried to determine why you felt this way? What was the answer? Is there a difference between being alone and being okay, being alone and not being okay, and being with others and feeling alone?!? Is aloneness whether with others or not a state of mind and/or a derivative of our personality as a result of our experiences? How do we become okay with being alone with or without others… and accept that aloneness?

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I never really feel alone or have feelings of lonliness.I have always been able to entertain myself no matter where I am at :)It’s good to not rely on others for one’s happiness ;)

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Being alone for me is just that, I’m alone but I’m okay with my responsibilities, taking care of my health and enjoying things here and there.

Feeling alone is different. Feeling alone negates so much around you, even if it’s positive stuff. Feeling alone doesn’t always make sense with the reality of your surroundings or circumstance.

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Nothing, alone is alone wether its in your head or your surroundings.

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i choose to live alone but i do not feel alone or lonely.
probably because i know that i am a eternal spirit living in a temporary body.
If one is feeling lonely, it is saying that one needs something outside of oneself to feel complete. Actually, everyone is complete within themselves and when realized, there is no more loneliness.

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I can often feel alone surrounded by a crowd of others.

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Feeling alone is what you feel on the inside, even though you might be surrounded by a crowd of people.

To be alone I think is broad… It could be not having parents, feeling like nobody wants or understands you….

But then again you can have no one, no close friends, be an orphan, and feel one with the Universe, if you come at peace with the lonliness.

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how comfortable i am with myself.

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@marinelife – and most especially then!

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I feel most alone when in a crowd of people. Such a situation reminds me of my poor social skills. When I am actually alone, I feel self-sufficient and empowered. In the everydat business of living, other people just get in my way. In my entire life I have only felt truly comfortable around one person, she died three moths ago. Now I have to relearn the skills of being a crusty old hermit. It can be done, but the grief is like carrying an extra 50 pounds of rocks in my rucksack.

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Sometimes I can be surrounded by people and still feel alone. Other times, I can be physically alone, yet be completely content. To me, loneliness is an emotional feeling that has nothing to do with actually being “alone”. Hopefully, someday, I’ll find peace within myself and never feel alone.

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Being alone is an observable state to be in, which Can be good or bad depending on whether you want company at that time. Personally I rarely mind being ón my own.
Feeling alone – or lonely – has very little to do with the amount of people that may or May not be around, its an emotional state, when you feel the need to connect with someone, but you for some reason dont, whether that someone is physically present or not.

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I have felt alone while with others, a lot more when I surrounded myself with people who didn’t give two shits about me. A lot more these days, I actually feel less alone with people than by myself because alot-ly the people around me care for me, and the ones who don’t I shrug off and don’t keep in company.

“Loneliness is the human condition.” We were born alone, we will die alone, all of us. It’s not technically a state of mind I don’t think but can definitely be an attribute of personality and experience. Some people never feel alone or if they do, it doesn’t even come close to bothering them. Others, like me, well yeah.

When I find the answer to being okay with loneliness, I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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Being alone is what it is…you are by yourself and free to do what ever you choose! Feeling alone is knowing you are by yourself with options to either be with others or wanting to be with others not by your own choice.

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Being alone is not having anybody around you.

Feeling alone is about not having anybody connecting “with” you and it can happen in a room full of people.

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I believe you are discussing the distinction between loneliness and being alone.

One can be alone and feel comfortable and secure and one can feel lonely in a crowd or when you are alone.

Being along does not require you to feel lonely. You can learn to enjoy and cherish your own company just as you can with another person.

I have never felt at home in a crowd unless it consists of people I know and trust.

You must learn to value and trust yourself to be able be alone and yet not be lonely.

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