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Is it humanly possible just to eat one doughnut?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) February 6th, 2010

I have been a conniseur(?) of doughnuts for many years and everyone knows why. before i walk into a doughnut shop, i tell myself that i have a limit on my doughnut purchase, no more than three. do the doughnut shops intentionally have fans that blow the smell of fresh cooking doughnuts, thats like magic over your sensibilities? instead of three, you want to buy the whole store. what overcomes humans to go crazy in a doughnut shop? my limit is three, or maybe four or….......what the hell, i ate a whole dozen of freshly baked doughnuts at one time. do you have doughnut willpower or are you a whimp like most of us?

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I had a donut this morning to try to cure a hangover, but it was horrible, so I took a few bites and dumped it out. So, to answer your question, yes, it is humanly possible to eat less than one donut.

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For me it’s only if one doughnut remains.

If there are more than one, I can’t keep myself from eating a second one.

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Apparently, not if you’re a cop.

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Yeah, what is it with cops and doughnuts, anyway??? I guess you need that sugar energy boost from chasing criminals, climbing fences, jumping off roofs, etc., etc. all day…

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what we put in sorta affects what we put out, you know?
tasty and sweet but with any food value?
when i do eat one it takes everything i can muster to eat all of it,
too filling for me i guess, or something…

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On the very rare occasions when I’ve gotten donuts, I usually have just one. The most I can ever have is two. I see them more as a treat, like dessert, than breakfast.

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I can honestly say that I can go into a Krispy Kreme with my kids and refuse their offer of a free donut and walk out satisfied. However, should I happen to take the proffered donut I am likely to eat 4 or more donuts and consume a pot of coffee. Verdict: I can’t eat just one.

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We go to a particular beach and there is a doughnut stand. The smell wafting in the breeze is unbelievable and totally irresistible. I have to buy one… or two… or maybe three!!

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It depends on what kind of doughnut!

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Cops and doughnuts started many years ago, when there were no 24 hour stores open. doughnut shops were all that was available. its been a law enforment tradition for many years, even up to today. an older cop will pass the tradition on to rookies and so forth. also, doughnut shops have always been like a resting place for the police. a place where we can meet and discuss people we are looking for and to gather updated information on various subjects, from each other. in other words, its 15 minutes of break time. when i was a detective, at exactly 2 pm each afternoon, several detectives would meet at a certain doughnut shop to exchange information. it was like our “afternoon ritual”. this was not a safe move on our part, but we were willing to take the chance. did we receive doughnuts and coffee at half price? YES. the owner wanted it that way, since it was good for his business to have the cop cars around. people felt safe to stop by and buy doughnuts. so you see, cops and doughnuts really have a two-fold purpose. its always been that way and always will be.

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I doubt I could eat just one. [fatty]It’s not unusual for me to polish off a whole dozen lol[/fatty]

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Only barely relevant, but one night my husband and I were lost at midnight in Newark, NJ. We pulled over at the only open business we’d passed for miles – a doughnut shop – to ask for directions to our motel. Just then, five cop cars from three jurisdictions converged on the place. We got directions and had never felt safer in Newark than we did just then! :)

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Fatty? Cops aren’t allowed to be fat! You gotta stay fit so you can protect the rest of us from the bad guys :-)

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I definitely can’t eat more than one in a single sitting…maybe more than one throughout the day, but not all at once. I have a major sweet tooth but seem to have a low tolerance for sweets in the form of pastry :P

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Betcha you can’t just eat one Lays potato chip, either

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It would be the greatest accomplishment in the history of man….

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Well, my old office at work was the only place the weekly doughnuts were allowed to sit for the guys in the lab (doughnut crumbs in the lab = bad idea). Sitting there for eight hours inhaling the scent of doughnuts eventually nauseated me, and I haven’t been able to eat one in years because of it. So yeah, I guess it’s possible, but it requires long, painful hours of overdosing :)

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It is possible to eat just one, I however eat an average of 4 when I eat doughnuts and I stay quite trim doing so.

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I agree. Only if it’s the last one.

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Depends on the situation. If I was having one with coffee in the morning or as desert after a meal, I can stop at one. If I go into a donut shop or good bakery, no way. I think it does have to do with the smell. One time, I stopped at an apple orchard that also had a bake shop. They had apple pies, donuts, cider and a few other things going on. We bought six donuts to go. They never made it to the car before they were gone and we had to go back inside and get some more to take with us. We had a good laugh with the sales lady. She said it happens all the time.

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I can’t say I’ve gone into a store to buy donuts (except the tiny hostess ones) but if a platter is out at work then occasionally I’ll have a half of one and chew it really slow. For me, it’s the smell of the dough I like more than the taste. Sometimes I’ve torn one open and sniffed it, squished the dough in my fingers, eaten a few bites and then tossed the rest away or given it to a co worker.

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@hungryhungryhortence – Sniffed it, squished it, eaten part, and then given it to a coworker? And they took it?

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I don’t want to work where she works.

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@laureth: Goodness girl, I offer the unmolested half.

@Adirondackwannabe: Yes, you don’t want to work where I work. Heh.

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@hungryhungryhortence Well if you offered them the good half, that’s a little better. If you’ve got quasimodo running around licking the plates that’s another thing.

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One maybe two at any particular sitting. Remember it’s polite etiquette in certain circles to leave the holes.Common courtesy don’t you know old bean.

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I like doughnuts sometimes, but the thought of just how absolutely horrible they are kind of deters me from eating them. Not to mention they’re so rich and filling that after one, I don’t really feel like I want another one. I remember doughnuts would often be brought to my English class senior year and I wouldn’t have one many of the times; I think my teacher thought I was anorexic. :\ The sad part is, there actually was an anorexic girl in my class.

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I am incapable of eating just one doughnut if there is more than one available to me. When I was starting to lose weight, I learned about “trigger foods.” Foods that you cannot, for whatever reason, eat only a reasonable amount of. Mine were pizza, anything chocolate and doughnuts. Over time, I’ve gotten down to doughnuts. Can I go to the Tim Horton’s drive-thru and get one doughnut? Yes. But if there is a box of doughnuts up for grabs at work, no. I will have three. They can even move the box out of my sight and I will find them. So for now, I avoid them whenever I can.

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It is completely dependent on two factors, the ratio of doughnuts to guests in your household, And the quality of the doughnut.

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I can moderate my doughnut consumption.

My challenge is with fresh baked boiled bagels baked in a wood-fired oven as they do in Montreal. That is the essence of irresistable.

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