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Can anyone give a few discussion topics?

Asked by xTheDreamer (890points) February 6th, 2010

Our class have a discussion presentation coming up and my group couldn’t think of any topic right off the head. So I was wondering if you guys can give me some topics so that we can use for the “discussion presentation”.

We would like topics that aren’t so common for instance not gay marriage, abortion, drugs etc something else but it’s still debatable/discussable and easy for us to have pro & con arguments.

Thanks a lot.

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If there were no power to supply electricity, could we be self-sustainable? What talents or abilities do we have to take care of ourselves—feed, house, clothe, etc. if there were no electricity?

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The Death Penalty, for or against? That’s always a good one.

For that matter, you may even choose to broaden the scope and ask, “What is the point of the prison system: rehabilitation and eventual release, or simply punishment and warehousing?”

You can debate the pros and cons of the Electoral College in American presidential elections.

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What are the pros/cons of crime deterrence policies (i.e. harsher penalties, severer sentencing, increased certainty of being caught, etc)?

What are the pros/cons of the telecommuting trend in the workplace?

What are the pros/cons of required school uniforms in the k-12 setting?

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Medical marijuana – should it be legal?
Should the wearing of religious symbols in public schools be banned?
Should voting be required by law as it is in Australia?
Should young children (under 14) have cell phones?

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Should being “green” be mandated by law?

Should gays be allowed to serve in the military openly?

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How can a “free” society have laws against “victimless” crimes?

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Does Barack Obama have a giant penis, or is their another reason for that self satisfied smirk he always wears.

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How can we power our society without burning fossil fuels?

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Does a teenager living with parents have the right to dress any way he or she wants?

Should a person be required to cut down trees in his yard because they block a neighbor’s solar panel? [ source ] [ many more sources ]

Does public art have to appeal to the public? (There’s plenty of material on controversies over public art, where the artist’s conception mystifies or even offends public sentiment.)

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How about the effect of chain stores such as walmart and mcdonalds on America.

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Would getting rid of government regulation of certain industries be a boon for all citizens, or more of a boon for people like Bernie Madoff?

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Does capitalism require an unregulated free market?

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Should we have compulsary military service? What are the plusses and minuses of a volunteer army?

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a great resource on the shortcomings of the current system of electing presidents is

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