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iPhone ringtones using windows... Nothing seems to work

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) March 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

is it possible to make custom iPhone ring tones with windows. Itryed the whole tename to m4r file thing and that won’t work intact I can’t even get it to go in the ringtones section on itunes. So annoying I hate most of the iPhones default ringtones and the ones that are okay get annoying after awhile

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Use the program iphoneringtonemaker. It costs a few dollars but is TOTALLY worth it. Google it to find it :)

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I Agree I’m having the same problems and no1has an answer

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I downloaded that program its super easy and it works! Not bad for fifteen bucks. Its easier to sync with that program then it is with iTunes ha

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go to utune and search transferring ringtones from iTunes to iPhone and you get a video from a guy who gives you a step by step video on how to do it. It works. I did it all day and will all the time and the best thing is that its free

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that’s utube not utune

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