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What do you think of the new Facebook layout?

Asked by Sandydog (1263points) February 6th, 2010 from iPhone

I just logged on to Facebook to find that the layout has changed yet again.
For myself it may be a change which makes my visits there a lot less frequent. If they’d separated all the games notifications from the real life stuff then that would have been for the good, but not to the way it is now.

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It’s fine.
I’m controversial.

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The tectonic plates of Facebook are moving again, eh? I’m beginning to wonder if the team’s brains are on vacation or retirement. If this unrest keeps up, Facebook Revolution will be just around the corner.

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I haven’t noticed anything new…. When was the last time you were on? I’m on probably 3 times a day, so I guess if you’re talking about the News Feeds and Live feeds, I love it! I hated having to go around to all my friend’s profiles to see what was going on with them. This makes it so much easier.

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@ChocolateReigns There are changes that are being rolled out slowly over the next couple of days. I know that there were 80 million users converted as of yesterday, and the rest of the 320 million are supposed to be converted within a couple of days.

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I miss having the little bar at the bottom with my bookmarks, but overall it’s okay I guess. I like how you can have your chatlist open without having it overlap the rest of the site.

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No little bar at the bottom?! NOooooo!

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My account was changed a couple days ago…Thursday, I think. I like it just fine except for the friends section. You have to go into your profile in order to pull up the whole list & to get it in alphabetical order. Like my fluther list, there’s no order to it. Just random names, So I’m unhappy about that. Other than that, I like it.

@Ame_Evil Yeah, but that chat program is a joke. I was talking to someone yesterday & it couldn’t keep up. You type something out & then MAYBE it’ll catch up & send it. It’ll say do you want to sent this as a message? BS to that!!!

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My mom’s going to hate it that she has to re-learn to navigate the site. AGAIN.

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@ChocolateReigns she’ll be okay. It’s pretty self-explanitory.

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I’m withholding judgment for the time being. I just wish they’d quit changing it so often. Better yet, I wish they’d go back to the original layout. But keep in mind that every change Facebook makes to its layout is basically designed to deliver more ad views and therefore more revenue.

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I don’t mind it. I kinda like it.

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Mine was just changed yesterday and I actually like it this time. Feels good, man.

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What’s Facebook?

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I can’t figure out how to get my groups back. I had these group lists on the side – one I called “Family”, one was “Game People”, etc. I could click on that group list and see only the people I had put there. So if I was doing a quick check in, I could click on “Family” and catch up with them first. I’m going to look for it again, but if anyone knows off the top of their head, I’d love the directions!

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@tedibear39 Hmmmm….now all my groups are still there, but my friends thing is all screwed up.

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My group lists came back as I was making new ones. Now I can’t delete the old ones and the Facebook “help” page isn’t all that helpful. It claims I can click on “Delete List” at the top of the list when it’s open. “Delete List” isn’t there! Bah! I hope they get it fixed this weekend.

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I’ve seen posts disappearing this morning. I hope they get on the ball with this, too. That site has been screwed up for long enough!

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@jbfletcherfan – They need to leave it the heck alone!

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@tedibear39 Amen, my fellow floozie…amen. ;-)

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I think they should just fix what’s broken (chat mainly), and not fix what’s not broken.

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@ChocolateReigns OMG…the last 2 days the chat has pissed me off royally! That thing is a joke!

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Yeah if they don’t fix that I’m going to tell people to get a Gmail account or call me if they want to talk to me.

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I mostly talk on yahoo IM. It works great.

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@jbfletcherfan UGG I hate Yahoo. Last year, I had a yahoo account just for Y!A. That was such a mistake…I didn’t know about Fluther yet. After about 3 months doing that, it forgot my password. Told me I had changed it, when I hadn’t. Then I got another account, and after a month it did the same thing. Now, whenever I try to do anything that requires a Yahoo account, I close th browser window and come back and try to log in (even if I told it to “remember me”), it wouldn’t remember me. The same thing happened with all the other QnA sites (that’d be about 4 or 5!) I’ve been on. Grr.

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@ChocolateReigns This sounds like an issue with your computer. You may have your security settings set too high. I’ve NEVER had anything like that happen. I have a yahoo mail account besides the IM, (which I never use) but when I DO get into it, it works good. Sounds like the problems may lie within your computer.

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@jbfletcherfan Well how would I change that? Would it put me at risk anywhere else online?

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@ChocolateReigns I’m not sure, honey. It’d be in your security settings. Ask ‘dpworkin’. Forward this to him, or tell him what’s happening with your sites. He’s helped me with computer issues before. He knows his stuff.

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@jbfletcherfan Well now that I’ve found Fluther, I’m pretty settled. But I would like to do Flickr.

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