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An 80 year old multi millionare,man/woman,invites you to spend the weekend with them as their lover.In return you will inherit their entire estate worth a small fortune.Would you accept their invitation?

Asked by ucme (46853points) February 6th, 2010

We all know what conditions apply given the term lover. An awful lot will be asked of you on that particular weekend.What i’m asking is,what are you prepared to do for financial security & would you put morals above personal gain every time? Or maybe gamble for profit if you see what I mean.No pain no gain syndrome. You may of course use as much humour as you feel necessary in your replys.

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Go in a second. I can bear almost anything for a couple of days.

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I have been offered money for that before and refused. I would be even more eager to refuse in this situation, for obvious reasons. Maybe it’s prideful, but I like my body a bit to much to sacrifice for a truck load of green cotton.

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It would be rude to say no lol.

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Are you asking if we would want to be Anna Nicole Smith?

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@PandoraBoxx God no, that would be too much to ask of anyone even halfway sane.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

Not only no, but hell no. I’m not a social person and I already have more material possesions than 98% of the worlds population.

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it’s a no brainer . . . Absolutely yes. how much work can that be to satisfy an 80 year old person??? . . 2 days of work in exchange for a possible lifetime of comfort . . . . where can I meet this person?

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Only if I found him/her attractive, and enjoyed the conversation. No way I could play pretend to the extent of sex with someone I am not attracted to.

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If there was an attraction, maybe. The actual circumstances would dictate my decision. I’m not 100% against it.

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So basically you’re asking if I would prostitute myself in order to one day inherit enormous wealth.

Oh, Hell yes!

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Of course. I’m the most shallow person I know.~

Just like @AstroChuck above me, apparently. =)

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80 is the new 18.

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@Bluefreedom Shallow you may be but the sex would leave a deep impression on anyone involved. I mean the squelching.

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@ucme. What a visual!

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While reading this question, I didn’t even give myself time to read the actual question before saying “fuck yes.”

I got squeamish when you said a lot would be asked..but still, count me in. There’s worse ways of gaining money, like killing people. This is harmless!

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@Bluefreedom You seem either aroused or are having second thoughts on this weekend of passion.

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C’mon how much passion are you going to have to endure- even with Viagra? I’d pay off my kids student loasn and go live in Santorini. Money doesn’t buy happiness, huh!

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I mean, as long as he/she doesn’t have anything catching.

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No, I would rather earn my fortune.

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There’s not enough money or liquor in the world to make me do it..Yuckity yuck yuck yucko!...and I sincerely meant that

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I am not a prostitute so I would have to say no.

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@lucillelucillelucille I’m feeling your repulsion I truly am.

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Yep, and probably for much less.

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@HTDC Who said it wouldn’t be earned?

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No, money doesn’t motivate me that much. Also, I am 100% exclusive to my wife, no exceptions.

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If in this hypothetical scenario I could have the guarantee that they’d keep the promise, then sure. I’d probably spend the whole week out of gratitude too. We’re assuming it’s an old woman (as I’m strictly heterosexual). If it was a old gay man, I really don’t know. Right now I’m saying “no” but you can never know for sure until you find yourself in the actual situation. I’ve done things in life I thought unthinkable (like listening to a whole hour of Greek music and eating at a table where broccoli had been served only a week earlier).

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LMAO!!! If you only knew!

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I don’t think this would make morals be exclusive with personal gain – it’d have to do with neither, for me, if I was attracted to the person and this was the arrangement and it would improve my life, yeah I’d do it.

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@ucme. Probably aroused. I’m just in that kind of mood tonight. Go figure. =)

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Assuming this is what constitutes a small fortune in my mind then sure, I’d spend a weekend with this person in order to secure the rest of my future.

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Would I still get the inheritance if I gagged repeatedly?

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Yes, I would and I would rub him until the wrinkles come out. Then I will have earned that entire estate.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. Hard as it would be to say no I would turn it down. because it wouldnot be worth giving up my fiancee for unless I just wanted to be a rich dude with a bunch of gold digging chicken heads sucking up to me.

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If my wife said it was a go, hell yeah.

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If I were single and unattached and the other party was female and a clean and decent person who was just lonely, I would be pleased to honour their request.

She offered her honour
I honoured her offer
And all night long,
It was honour and offer.

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Come to think of it, I know of a case where something like this actually happened. A young, very attractive woman made the acquaintance of a 97 year old man who was worth tens of millions of dollars. He had no family or close friends, and he actually proposed marriage to her. She knew that he wouldn’t be around much longer and that if she actually married him, all that money would be legally hers, so she said yes. They got married and on their wedding night they stayed in a lavish hotel. She was kind of hoping he wouldn’t even be able to perform anymore but figured if she was going to have sex with him, she’d pull out all the stops and hope he’d expire from all the excitement. As they settled in, she lay on the bed in her nightgown, and the old man said, pardon me a moment while I get ready, as he disappeared into the bathroom. Five minutes later, the old man comes out of the bathroom, he’s stark naked except for three things. He’s wearing nose plugs, ear plugs, and he’s wearing a condom on his enormous fully erect penis. She looked at him and said, “my dear, whatever is all this for?” To which he replied, “if there’s two things I can’t stand, it’s the smell of burning rubber and the sound of a screaming woman.”

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80 is looking less old all the time! Just sayin’.

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Sure why not! When I am in my 80’s I know I will still be bangin an 80 year old hottie and those extra millions will make sure we both have our dream vacation homes to do it in! XD

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