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Which one of the following would you be least able to live without for say a year,the internet,your car,your cellphone,or your S/O?

Asked by ucme (46642points) February 6th, 2010

Self explanatory question basically about sacrifice,dependency & personal choices.

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Since I don’t have a cellphone, car, or S/O, it’d have to be the internet.
if there was a choice that said “books”, then it’d be that.

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My SO – for sure.
I’d be concerned about anyone that doesn’t say their SO here… if they have one… if you’re picking any of the other 3 over your SO then you should take a serious look at your relationship…

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The internet brings the world in, so it would have to be that. I’m on the bus line and within walking distance of shopping, I rarely talk on my cellphone, and my SO extensively travels for work, and keeps to himself when he’s here; I’m pretty self-reliant.

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Since i don’t have a car, S/O or internet it would have to be my cellphone.

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I’d joyfully give up everything to have my lady back.

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Car. you need an autombile for the following reasons: i can deliver a letter in my auto, i can stay dry and warm or cool in my auto, i can sleep in my auto, i can cook food on the engine of my auto, i can run errands in my auto, i can listen to music in my auto, i can take a leak in my auto, my wife can share my auto… everything else would have to go, except my auto.

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I’m not sure I understand how one equates a human relationship with a few toys. Are you serious?

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@bvdshec17 ; uhm. you’re on the internet.

@dpworkin ; that’s what I originally thought…. it’s a no-brainer, right?

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@bvdshec17 ; then why on earth… what… you said you didn’t have it.

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the internet . . .

I can always take public transportation without the car.
I can use a landline to make calls, without the cellphone
I can be without the SO for a year . . .I still have friends, TV and the internet, right?

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@troubleinharlem It was kind of a joke.

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@dpworkin Not at all serious. Just a humorous insight into peoples personal preferences is what I was after.Of course my wife could not be replaced, after all she is about to bring me a coffee so i’d better be good.

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My wife. I could never.

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I barely ever use my phone for calls, mostly texts. So we could knock that one off. I rarely drive my car, ‘cause I’ve grown to hate driving mostly, so we can scratch that one too. Considering my siggy othah doesn’t exist, well yeah. So I guess the internet rly. How sad.

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@njnyjobs Right. A wise decision methinks.

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S/O or internet. Cant decide. dont need either one.

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Probably the Internet. Don’t tell my significant other, please.~

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I need my S/O. But my iPhone definatly trails in second. Basically the phone performs all my day to day business and allows me to communicate with my girlfriend. I find it hard to go on vacation without seeing or talking to her. She’s the best! :)

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@Bluefreedom Oh I forgot to mention you could get visitation rights every other weekend. If you want them that is,the option is available.

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@ucme. In that case, it’s definitely the Internet. I know, I’m going straight to hell when I die.

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the wife. she cannot be replaced. .

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for those who said SO, I applaud you, but realistically, most people would probably not have opted for that . . . for me, with the internet, I can email my SO where ever she may be vacationing . . . we can have webchats including video chats . . . I can use the internet to make phone callls as well. I can use the internet to shop, not needing a car to go to the mall and haul the shopped items back home.

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S/O. All of the others, I have alternatives for. I cannot compare a person to objects. He “wins” hands down, although there is no contest.

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My significant other for sure.

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I totally misread this question. I thought it was asking what you could live without and then @JeanPaulSartre said his SO and I was thinking, “Shit, man, she’s on this site. You’re sleeping on the couch tonight!” But then I re-read it.

I definitely could not go without my boyfriend. We broke up for about a month and a half and now that we’re back together, I think I’d just bust out crying at random, frequent intervals.

That having been said, I don’t know what else I could go without. I genuinely need all of those things in the kind of life I have.

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Oh live without, I cant live without my phone. I can live without S/O and Internet.

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It’s a thought provoking question. For me without a car, internet or a cell phone I would be out of work. It would be hell but I think I’d have to live without Ms. Monk for a year. I think she’d agree if it meant I was going to have to give up my job. I certainly wouldn’t be happy about it though.

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I don’t have a car. I would love to lose my cell phone. I’d miss ya’ll on the internet but it would be a nightmare to not have my SO for a year.

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My partner. Before I had him then I’d have chosen my car. I’ve been without celly and internet before, I’ve been alive since before they were created.

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Since I don’t have a SO and I broke my ankle last week which means I won’t be driving for awhile… I can also live with no Internet and have cut this bill out from time to time depending on the year of budgeting. I’ve been told that if I spent the rest of my life surfing the Internet I wouldn’t cover 1% of what’s out there so one year won’t put me back too far :)

I would have to keep my phone that way I can communicate with my close friends and family.

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