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Do you stand up for your principals ?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) February 6th, 2010

In a America and other democracies we have the legal right to openly voice our opinions. To vote for representation.
When your representative does not support what you believe they should. Do you email or call them ?
Do you express what you believe is right when you are asked ? Do you follow others or your own path?

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I barely knew the men/women.

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I have always marched to my own saxophone :)

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I never stand up for principals or teachers.

Now, if you mean principles . . . then yes.

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Flip that, my principles stand up for me, kind of a mutual appreciation thing going on.

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Only when he finishes. ~

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I think I have seen that in you before. I respect people who are their own person.
LOL my theme song is I won’t back down.
I worry about people who behave like sheep.
Congress does what the Lobbyist tell them to because; people do not email them and call them daily. We must demand change that helps American’s by using the power we all have.
I think people have become lazy and they just accept the way things are. Our taxes pay their salaries.

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I do not bother with politicians usually. Recently Obama did something that I disagreed with to the point where I actually took serious action. I contacted a friend who actually worked in politics and took up the cause, organized letter writing campaigns, wrote about it, passing links around. What happened was…

… nothing.

I am not going to bother again and have reinstated my policy of ignoring politicians.

Other than politicians, law makers, and other such useless endeavors, I express my opinion freely and, indeed, stand up for my principles readily.

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People should always stand up for that. I certinly do.

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that’s not the only way I stand up to my principles – its more of a daily conversation with many people kind of thing and it’s about facing situation without doing the cowardly plead of the fifth

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I tend to keep quiet in matters of my principals and morals. I can not expect other people to act as I do, and I should not try and force them to.

This goes for Religion, politics, and morals.

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If you behave like a sheep you will be treated like one. This is what is wrong with many American’s. Complacency is not a good think. Our nation became great by hard work and the refusal to live under tyranny.
Many of our representatives are morally corrupt. They are not afraid of having to answer to us because to few American’s dear challenges them.
NAFTA and many more things hurt Middle class America. Congress does not care. They answer to the Lobbyist and Corporate America.
Do you think this is OK?

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It depends on the situation, sometimes its just not worth the explination or arguement.

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No, but I do rant on the Internet and cry myself to sleep every now and then.

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Yes I do, I don’t know how not to.

I have expressed my displeasure to many politicians and public figures. Not that they gave a shit but I felt better for the telling :)

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When your representative does not support what you believe they should. Do you email or call them? Yes. I am a very active member of several animals groups. I am writing/e-mailing representatives all the time.
Do you express what you believe is right when you are asked ? always
Do you follow others or your own path? I pretty much follow my own path

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I stand up and I speak up. Yes, I have written my representatives. I wrote and called GW Bush, he never wrote back. :( I just responded to an e-mail from Joe and Obama they haven’t written back either. I have participated in a few protests and will continue to lend my voice to the causes which represent my principals.

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I have sent thousands of emails.
On one issue. I recently wanted an answer. No vague email BS.
I called my Senators 202 number until I actually got through. I left a message and eventually I was called back.
If more people did this they would be forced to give us answers.

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@philosopher Agreed. They work for us and I remind my representatives of this every now and then.

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I’m sure he can stand up for himself.

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@philosopher I was more talking about morals, and religious views to everyday people. I keep to myself about my religion. I’m not going to say, “you are going to hell”, to someone on the street, just because they disagree with my faith or believe to be false.

I’m 16, politics effect me but I can do little to affect politics. You are right, our government is corrupt (and has been corrupt for sometime) but we can do little. You may say I’m just a helpless sheep for accepting there is little we can do, but are you ready to start a full on revolt? A revolution? By all means, start it, and I don’t mean writing letters.

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We do not need a revolution; we need to apply pressure. They need our vote.
The problem is most people do not complain to the right people.

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