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Beauty tips that have helped you personally?

Asked by Oxymoron (1239points) February 6th, 2010

I’m wondering if anyone has any home remedy or store bought beauty tips that really work? Anything at all. It could be for acne, eye puffiness, or anything else you can think of. Anything for bloating during that time of the month would be helpful. Ha ha. Thanks for the help.

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Exercising every day is the best one I know :)

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Drinking lots of water clears your skin and yes I drink lots of water and I have never gotten acne. Also the Netrogeno Wave that washes your face works.

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Exercise, limit or eliminate drugs and alcohol, eat fruits and vegetables, get enough sleep. I look like a million bucks.
<——Look at my picture!!

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Don’t use an exfoliant if you have acne, it just makes it worse in the end.

Also if you shave use double edge safety razor and traditional shaving cream instead of a multiblade Gillette (or whoever) one.

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Of course. There are so many. Perhaps you could narrow down what you would like to improve.

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@Facade – I’m probably most interested getting rid of puffy eyes and acne. Not severe acne, but acne none the less. The puffy eyes look like bags under my eyes, usually in the morning time and they get better as the day goes on. Also, anything that would work to tighten skin?

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I use a home made body oil daily after my shower that helps keep my skin in good shape and feel smooth and soft. The process of massaging the oil stimulates my skin and just feels great and my clothes even feel better.

It’s a blend of mineral oil, almond oil and hazelnut oill with sandal wood fragrance. I love it!

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@Oxymoron I recommend this product to everyone for everything. It should help with all the things you mentioned. Use apple cider vinegar when you mix it up instead of water. Keep it on as long as you can stand it. Try doing it 3 times a week to start and taper off when you see the results you want. Tea tree and lavender oils are good for acne. You can mix in a couple drops with the clay. Be sure to drink lots of water daily. Good luck!

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Though looking your best physically is great – feeling your best affects the way you look.

If one sees oneself badly, somehow others pick up on the body language and change their perception to that – can’t tell why. He or she may be thinking a blemish on his/her face is making her look horrible. Should the person focus on that, everyone will notice the effect and the preoccupation (but ironically probably not the blemish).

Great advice above. My addition would be, decide to – and be happy, not always that is crazy – but thy not most of the time? A good smile does wonders for attraction, and the best smile comes from the inside.

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Sunscreen for daily moisturizer

Babywipes with a dab of lotion to remove smeared/old makeup while on the go

Cotton swabs as makeup applicators

Vermont’s Original Bag Balm (Green tin can) for dried skin

Tea Tree oil on rashes

100% real aspirin tablets to wet with water into a paste to put over ruddy or swollen bits

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# I’m another proponent of the drink plenty of water, 2 L per day regime.

# Slices of cucumber on the eyes is cooling and may help with puffy eyes, lie the cucumber slices over closed eyes and lie down for a while.

# A slice of cucumber rubbed all over the face is incredibly refreshing, when it dries it leaves no sticky residue on the skin, no need to rinse it off.

# Neat Tea Tree oil applied to a cotton bud and rubbed, with some pressure, on pimples helps to clear them faster. Works for me anyway.

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@Adagio Tea tree oil seems to be my answer for most physical ills. Gargling with a few drops in warm water stops a sore throat dead. Of course it tastes like hell.

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for Eye puffiness + dark circles, I use Clinique’s All About Eyes. For pimples, I use their 3 step process, and also their daily scrub, and on the spot treatment. (I’m allergic to a lot of products, but not Clinique, and it was recommended by my dermatologist).
Also, don’t ever use drug store brand make up.. it may be the cause of your acne. you don’t want to know what’s in that crap!

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The only thing that works for me and puffy eyes is cucumber left on for about 15 minutes.

some of my best beauty tips

obviously sleep
peace of mind
I love putting essential oils in my bath water, like lavender for e.g. or put a few drops onto my body cream, it makes me feel fab. When it is humid drop peppermint oil into your bath.

Preparation H – yes the pile cream for bags

Skin enhancers like, illuminating powders or gels you get many, very youthful

Avoid gluten and wheat it really slims me down fast

Bio Oil – not sure if it’s called that all over the world. But it is great in your bath and or for neck area

shine sprays on my hair, gives it that healthy look even though I colour it a lot.

I don’t buy exfoliators I use a rough face cloth on my face. Works better.

concealer under the eyes, it really counts not sure of your age, but over 40 it’s a must, I use Bobbi Brown. Plus I also know how to get rid of marionette lines with it. (From nose to mouth corner lines).

I wear lip balm every night before bed, summer or winter. People say I have sexy lips!

I always take great care of my feet, feet are more important than we realize. I loofah them paint my nails and put cream on them.


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Best Free Beauty Tips

* Spray your face with cold water or stand with your head in the air from the freezer for a few moments to reduce redness.
* To avoid mascara flake-off or smudging on your face, apply a thin cost of mascara to top lashes only. Then run an eyelash brush through lashes to prevent clumpy mascara build-up.
* To enhance your summer shimmer add a touch of blush to enliven your cheeks and bring out your natural color. In order to find the perfect rosiness, take a look in the mirror right after a workout. The tinge of pink that spreads across your cheeks is the color that will work best for you.
* When choosing make-up, especially foundation and blush, focus on those that are water-based and non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) is the best choice.
* Use petroleum jelly or cold cream to remove stubborn eye makeup. its cheap and it works (even on waterproof mascara).
* For sexy pout, to create a pout enhance center of upper and lower lip line with a darker shade or a lip liner.
* Eyeliner should be applied close to base of eyelashes to make them look thicker. A soft pencil is easier to manage.
* Make sure you remove all cosmetics with a mild cleanser and water before going to sleep.
* For your lips, stick with the glossy glow that bounces off the summer rays. It’s better to choose natural tones but if you want to add some color, apply lipstick on top of the gloss and your lips will look like sparkling diamonds.
* When you choose makeup, moisturizers and sunscreens make sure they are hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free.

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-Water is definitely the key to goodlooking skin, especially during that time of the month.
-Fix plus spray from MAC always freshens up my face!
-For the puffiness under your eyes, grab a teaspoon and put it in the freezer overnight. Take it out the next morning and put it under your eye, you will notice that it de-puffs your eyes tremendously. You can also use icecubes but be careful because they can burn!

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Re mascara smudging, you need to keep the mascara away from oily skin. Powder under your eyelashes. Maybelline is good not to smudge, the 2 part one.

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The best tips I’ve learned and use are:

1. Get enough rest, so you don’t look haggard. If you’re rested, it’ll show.
2. Drink enough water, it shows in your skin.
3. Take care of your teeth – brush regularly, floss daily, and get in for regular cleanings between. A bright smile will always make you look your best.
4. Take care of yourself – getting regular exercise isn’t just important for how you look, but how you feel as well (your overall health).
5. Don’t be afraid to laugh (at yourself).
6. Take care of your skin – do a regular routine of cleaning, moisturizing daily (p.m. and a.m.) and use some form of SPF regularly – whether it be in a tinted moisturizer or one that you apply, use one (even if you have melanin, you still need protection).
7. Cold water is great for shiny hair, it closes the cuticle of your hair.

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