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Fluther, I need ideas on what to name our soon to be second child! Help?

Asked by casheroo (18081points) February 6th, 2010

I’m due in two weeks ensue freakout

Some information:
Our older son is named Cash Liam.
We have an extremely Irish sounding last name. It starts and ends like “McM——ty”
We are having another boy.
We like unisex names, but usually prefer them for a girl.
(some of you know the names we’re seriously considering, I’d prefer to keep this thread with fresh ideas. Basically..don’t share those names! lol)

Names we like but aren’t using:

Please do not suggests names such as “credit” and “debit”, that is not helpful and extremely annoying. I’m looking at you johnpowell.

Also, the middle name is preferably a “normal” name, so the child can fall back on it, in case they hate their first name..which I prefer to be unique but not outrageous.
Any suggestions??

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Something significant, different and original enough – but good sounding. Just think of your child at school for a moment, will it be really easy for the other kids to make fun of him?

From your list I really like Oliver.
Close to clyde, kyle also close to cael (slender in gaelic).

Just an idea, look up gaelic/celtic names. You could find something very fitting with the last name :)

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@phoebusg I’m not concerned about him being made fun of in school for a name. Kids will make fun of you regardless of your name.

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I’m digging the Star Wars topic.
So here’s my Star Wars list for boys, of course.
Boba Fett [because I love just having a reason to say that name.]

I think those are the only names that even sound like a human name.
God, I love Star Wars.

Edit: Not Star Wars related, but super geeky for those who get it: Dade.

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Ronin is the coolest name I know, and not very common.

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Aiden Robert or Owen Robert I like.

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That is certainly true, but certain names – and that depends on the language you speak -coincide with other things acoustically. That makes it way more likely people will make fun of you, constantly. Even though it will be a negative experience, it will built character I suppose :)

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Hahaha… good luck, sister! You know I’m not going to be helpful on this one. :) I like the names you’ve suggested before. I’d suggest not going with Jayden, Brayden, Aiden, Kayden, blah blah blah…

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Micheal.I like it because it sounds nothing like bull$!

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@ubersiren I can’t stand any name similar to those! You know our boys will have like, twenty friends named Jayden..both boys and girls. Ugh. I dread the school years.

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I babysat for Chris Senn one night. He named his son Anakin.

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I know, I can’t imagine naming your kid any of the top 150 names or so. But, that’s just me. I love Seamus! It’s sort of badass.

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I really like those names.

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Brendan, Declain, Griffiin, Logan

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Your first’s name is Cash? That’s awesome.

I suggest Darl. Or Jewel or Vardaman.

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Also, Isaac.

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I like Rowan James or Keenan James.

Congrats to you and your family!

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I like Greer.

But Alexander is always a great option, too.

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Dallas, Riley, Jake, Nathan, Gabriel.

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check out these websites,

website 1: unique names, divided into columns for girls and boys (and yes, I know you’re looking for boys, but it can be useful! so click… here

website 2: here are only unisex names, you can search in alphabetical order so click…here

I hope this helps!

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Rory (an fine Irish name)
Aidan (another fine Irish name)

Middle names I will leave to you.

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A thing to keep in mind is that it’s a royal pain to always have to spell your first name for everyone. You’ve got the last name as a first name, Irish middle name thing going on with Cash, so why not stay with that pattern?


I like Miller McM___ty
Cash and Miller

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Wes is an obvious choice
I mean , come on, people. it’s in the word “awesome”

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tabhair ar iasacht mac
|_____________| |——|
second _________son

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Rees, Jude, Landon, Ryven, (That’s my grand daughter’s name but they would have named a boy that as well.) Ainsley, Ian, Duncan, Cameron, Wyatt, Peyton, Caylan, Leland,
Landon was NOT a common name when I named my son that 25 years ago. I only ever heard of one other Landon at the time. I tell him it became popular because he was so stinkin’ cute, and he believes me to this day!

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I was going to say Cary so you would have Cash and Cary but…

OK how about Colm Ronan (Ronan is Irish for seal RO-nawn not Ronin the Japanese killer)

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Of those suggested so far, I really like:

Jude ==================> Jude Miller McM…
Griffith ==================> Griffith Hrm, can’t think of a middle name for this.
Gray (Though I prefer Grey… less likely to be taken for a typo of Gary) ==> Grey Michael McM..

Some others to think about:

Finn ===============> Finn Jackson McM..
Quinn ==============> Quinn Wallace McM..
Reed ===============> Reed Olsen McM..

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“We like unisex names, but usually prefer them for a girl. ” What’s unisex about that? :D

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I love the name William but tht doesn’t sound like the type of name you are looking for. I also like Harley and I recently met a little boy who’s name was Indi. I thought tht was lovely.

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Jude’s a great name.

I really like Miller, though (to go with your last name).

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Ooh. If you use the name I suggested do I win a prize?

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What about Tristan? It’s a good Irish name and not terribly common.

I really like Declan too. I’ve known a few little baby boys named Declan. Naturally though, my vote is for anything with the name Wallace as @augustlan suggested. It’s a fine, strong name that will ensure your child succeeds in nearly endeavor!

Yeap, I’m a little bit biased.

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I’ve always liked Jude. :)

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And, I agree..I don’t like names like Caiden, Hayden, Braedon, Jayden. Bleh.

Vaughn’s a cool name. It’s my uncle’s name. My German Grandma liked her Celtic names (Brian, Sharon, Lauren, Lynne, Maureen, Vaughn, Shayne).

Vaughn ____ Mc. M…...ty.

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@galileogirl Ronin (pronounced Ro-Nin) means masterless Samurai, not Japanese Killer, though that is what he did.
He’s a free-agent. Have Katana, Will Travel.

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Always been a fan of “Cedric” myself. Sadly, having a Germanic last name, it’s unlikely I’ll use it even if I have a son.

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This has nothing to do with Twilight. Actually, it’s my cousin’s name (he’s 35). I like it.

Cullen ___ McM….ty/

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How about Fiery, like Fiery Cushman?

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Day (stolen from a story by Jeruba)

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@girlofscience I actually like that. I’ll have to run it by him first. He hates anything I suggest though.

@augustlan I like Whitt, not sure if it goes with our last name..and trying to think of a middle name for it lol

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@casheroo; one week to go?

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@Judi Three days. It better not be another entire week! I was up all night with contractions that are “preparing” me. More like exhaust me :-/

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Have you chosen a name yet or are you waiting to meet him?

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@casheroo I’m excited for you!!

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I thought we all agreed you would name him Sarcasmo the Magnificent.

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@Sarcasm I thought we had settled on Denver for a boy and Denvina for a girl

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Just to let everyone know we named him…

Parker Stone.

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I love it. <3

I was worried you were going to pick something I thought was stinky and I was going to have to be polite and pretend to like it. XD

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Awww, love it! Can’t wait to see pictures.

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We need date time and weight on the other post!

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@casheroo A great big hug to you and your family!
You named your son after South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone? Awesome!

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Congratulations!!!! Love and hugs to you and your family – and I love the name!

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Oh, that is a wonderful name!

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Congratulations! I love the name! I wish you and your family well :)

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * H * A * P * P * Y * * B * I * R * T * H * D * A * Y * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congrats lovely! Parker is such a cute name.
Love youuuu <3

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Love the name!

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