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In a post apocalyptic world, what would you find to be of value to you and necessary to your survival?

Asked by Holden_Caulfield (1139points) February 6th, 2010

Considering an apocalyptic nightmare were to happen in your lifetime and you were to survive, what would you consider of value to yourself to continue you or your families’ survival? Money would mean nothing… but there are certain skills, materials and thoughts/ideas that would help a person survive beyond/over another. What would you consider to be valuable to that survival and help to continue your very existence? Would you want to continue that existence considering life as you know would be completely turned upside down and you would have to fight minute to minute for your very survival?

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I would need someone to be with me.
There’s no way I could survive on my own with the world in a state like that.
I’d be a mess.

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I’m hoping that my glasses don’t break during the apocalypse. If they do, I’m screwed.

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Magnisium or you would need to know how to start a fire. Knowing how to sterilize water. Being able to grow your own veggies wouldnt be a bad idea, navigating with the stars would come in handy. Learning how to shoot a gun would probably help. You couls also buy a bug out kit and read the intructions. Guns and ammo too.

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Aspirin tablets, bleach, baking soda, sundial, commercial grade sewing needles, fishing line, good knife and rolls of hefty bags.

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A lot of it depends on the kind of Apocalypse we’re talking about. Zombies? Aliens? Peak oil? A rip in the space-time continuum? An extinction-sized meteor strike? The end of the gulf stream and the return of the ice age in less than a year? Each of these would require different sets of skills and items.

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Weapons, ammunition, medical supplies, food, seeds, water and shelter. Hopefully a group of like minded folks to assist with the shelter protection element of your survival. And lots of spare ammo to trade with.

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a river with fresh clean water full of fish.

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I suppose once all of the food around goes bad, skills like being able to grow plants and even being able to hunt would be really useful.

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I wouldn’t survive without a source of thyroid hormone, synthetic or otherwise.

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Matches, Twinkies, water, ear plugs, sleep mask.

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Can opener, weapons, a canteen, tent, compass, and I agree with @rangerr that I’d need someone with me. Also, a survival guide with descriptions and pictures of edible plants and stuff in it.

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Still be me looking for an electrician, my flat iron, flat brush, hairdryer and my make-up… Yep, I said it!

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As @laureth suggested, it sort of depends on the apocalypse, don’t it? I mean, if you prepare for a zombie apocalypse and it turns out that we have a nuclear one, then being able to blend in with zombies won’t be all that helpful, will it? (Although a shotgun and plenty of shells might be handy in any type of apocalypse, I suppose. Being able to defend—and able to kill if necessary—would be good skills and attributes to possess.)

But I think above all else the most requisite thing for survival in any post-apocalyptic world would be the simple will to survive. No single thing would be more important, and without that, no other collection of tools or attributes would matter a damn for long.

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We have been thinking about what would be good currency. Bullets would probably be marketable. Soap, portable food, water and water purification tablets, medical supplies, ( I even have a stash of potassium iodide in case of a nuclear attack.) A bunch of bic lighters, fuel, fishing gear, seeds, rope, tooth brushes, tooth paste and dental floss, a chain saw and other Miscellaneous tools, clean socks and underwear, combat boots, And most important, my husband who is the best McGyver I know!

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I would probably be dead by then…I would just want a coffin…preferably one that’s fire-proof.

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Leathers. Also, food and water.

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Non perishable food, bladed implements, seeds, water and purification supplies, guns and ammo, first aid supplies, a radio, firemaking supplies, and plenty of good rope. Most of which, I already have, so if the S were to ever HTF, y’all feel free to look me up.

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Knife, magnesium, blanket or sleeping bag, cookpot/helmet, And if I were in @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard‘s neighborhood, a good pirogue.

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So I just printed out this Doom Survival Guide

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I notice a lot of you are saying things like lighters, ammo, water purification tablets, and food. What happens when all of these inherently limited things run out?

Personally, instead of any of those, I would prefer: flint/steel (or a firedrill), bow and arrow and knowledge of how to make more, a plastic sheet to make a solar still, and the knowledge of how to get food. Those will serve me longer, after everyone else’s lighters are shot and ammo is spent.

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@laureth these items plastic and wood to make bow and arrow you speak of are easily foraged for. Ammo will be the number one currency if and when. You won’t be able to have too much of that. You are so right to point out knowledge is key to knowing how to get it done when need be.

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So ammo becomes currency and no one actually uses it to shoot? I guess I was thinking that someday all the ammo would be used up, and then guns are useless except as clubs.

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@laureth ; There is SO MUCH Ammo out there right now! It’s just in the hands of those saving up for the apocalypse.

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@laureth Ammo can be reloaded and crude gunpowder can be made very easily…plus I guarantee you there is a lifetime of ammo stashed in basements and crawlspaces across America.

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Give me a knife and I can make something happen.

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Hopefully things would be cleaned up and society would normalize long before all the ammo had to be expended.

@Yetanotheruser, lol, I live in Knoxville now, so you won’t need a pirogue unless the icecaps really start to sweat! I still want one though…

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Water is pretty dandy.

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