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What constitutes a good question?

Asked by phoebusg (5241points) February 6th, 2010

Well defined, informative as to the unknown – tied to applicability or level of usefulness. I’m sure some of you have a good idea to share on this. This is nearly the opposite of “do you think there’s no bad question”.
But what’s a good question? Maybe this perspective will get us bits of the answer missing from the other magnifying lens.

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A quality question will have decent spelling and grammar. A good question is one that contains enough details to be reasonable answered. An excellent question is one that has not been asked a dozen times before. An acceptable question will not contain flame bait; it will not be worded in a fashion with the purpose of starting a fight.Of course the Frizzer question is exempt from these, but that was one time phenomenon.

I also appreciate a thoughtful question which gives the mind exercise.

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Hmm I can only answer based on the criteria of me clicking the “Great Question” button. Personally I am yet to click it, as I too have no idea what makes a good question. But I guess the criteria I would include is if it makes me actually lol, or provides a topic which I am interested in (ie developmental psychology) or answers a question that I wanted answering.

But yeah I am stingy. I hovers mouse over Great Question and then decide to open up some porn instead.

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IDK but thats a good ques.

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One that makes me think.

One I do not know the answer to.

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Do you really know the answer to any question beyond any reasonable doubt? Or even above reasonable doubt.

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What makes a good question?

“Well-written, genuine questions provoke the best and most thoughtful answers. Obviously, make sure you spell-check, try to use proper capitalization and grammar, and select appropriate topics.”

—courtesy of the fluther guidelines!

i think that this is actually a pretty good description…something concise, with a clear query. the spelling thing i think is less important, but i think that the part about being “genuine” truly is important…it leads to the type of answer of discussion that has an authentic base…that type of answer is meaningful…

in short, i think that a good question provokes a meaningful answer.

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A good question is one where a short and sweet answer covers everything you need to know.Long drawn outs are excruciating and make me want to slam my fingers in a door just for something to do…;)

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I prefer the long texts of in-depth analysis. Simply because language is an inadequate vessel for ideas. If you can’t define all your terms, or at least try, you’re not really communicating – or at least not adequately ;)

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I think questions that ask for an answer to commonly asked queries are good because they are soon indexed well in search engines and may provide the answer/s to lots of people who need them. Also, discussion questions that don’t necessarily have a single right answer, but that draw deep discussions are very interesting.

I love questions I know the answer to because I can answer them, but also ones that are interesting, and that I would like to know the answer to because someone else may answer and I can learn from it.

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I like the thought that of partial answers, we know a part of the answer. But need to compare it, share it – like passing around the pieces from a large puzzle. Until we can form some sort of more established answer. But the joke is on us. Because that puzzle we were working on, is only a piece to an even larger puzzle.

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Provided it’s met the baseline standards in the guidelines, I love to see interesting questions. Whether they are asking for factual information on a topic I’d like to learn more about, or provoking a great discussion doesn’t really matter to me. As long as they make me think, I consider it a good question. Consequently, I give this question a GQ. :)

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subject+verb and question mark at the end – and maybe some intelligence in knowing the audience
we’re all jellyfish here, man!

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