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How do I zoom using VLC 1.0.5?

Asked by victord66 (201points) February 6th, 2010

I’ve just started using VLC and would like to zoom in the way I can with MPC-HC. With MPC it’s very easy to use the keyboard ‘1’ and ‘9’ keys to gradually zoom in an out so the image fills the whole screen. I understand that VLC is a much more comprehensive player so how do I achieve this?

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Mmm right click -> video -> zoom gives 4 options that seem to do nothing for me. Other than that, I have not come across anything in all the time I have used VLC player.

/edit Figured out why it didn’t work. It was because I was in full screen already. You can crop the video though using the same method as mentioned which cuts out part of the picture. Hope that helps.

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