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How can you help someone who is dying?

Asked by cathryn (15points) March 2nd, 2008
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Don’t make them have to be alone.

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Don’t let what is killing them be the only image you have of them.

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being a nurse, I have worked with a lot of people in the last few days of their life, keeping somebody comforable, clean and free from pain is the best area to start, it maintains their dignaty and self esteem. Secondly, helping take care of any issues that the individual has, even something as small as taking a house plant off them and looking after it can effect somebody’s happiness. And thirdly talk to them, don’t treat them any differently, the worst thing you can do is patronize them, make them feel important, help them to look at the positive things they have achieved and the positive impact that they have had on the world

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Funny this question came up today…
Last night my parents, my three brothers and our wives sat around my Grandfather as he lays on his death bed. We all shared stories of good times (there were many), prayed and sang a few of his favorite songs. It was awesome to see so many gathered celebrating life. We’ll be sad to see him go for sure.

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help them tie up their “loose ends”

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