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Has anyone ever recorded you without your knowledge and used it against you? What would you do to them if they did?

Asked by Papeversomniferum (75points) February 6th, 2010

By recorded I mean anything… Conversations, intimacy, discussions, talking smack… whatever. What would you do if someone did this to you and made everything public? Someone you trusted and loved.

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What I’m thinking of doing… Is quite illegal and could get me 20 to life… Anyone have any better suggestions?

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There was a book out once called “Get Even,” but I don’t think I would recommend any of those suggestions. For your own sake, the best bet is to stew and be upset and then let it go.

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No, but I have heard of people sent to jail after the government tracked their internet history and traced it to the offender.

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If you’re implying physical assault or killing…that’s stupid. Next time…don’t do anything that can be used against you. If you don’t want to be worried of people who would record you…then don’t do anything that will disgust others.

I mean….20 to life? You have a whole life before you…don’t waste it because you only live once…just let it go and try to be a better person so that people who try to record you will only be frustrated.

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So, you’re considering doing this to someone? For what purpose? Is it worth going to jail over?

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It is all relevant. Did you break the law? Is this incriminating? To what degree?
They definitely broke the law by spying and exposing what seems to be a partial discussion with intent to slander etc. I would talk to a lawyer for the specifics.

Avoid doing anything rash. We don’t control this universe, we just buy a ticket and see what our respective rides get us to. We have some slight power over things – might as well use that well.

I’m sorry your image of the person does not quite match to who they are. But does that image ever? To some level we have to accept, and try to understand the other person’s behavior given what they may think.

It’ll all be over soon, and you’ll just refer to it to joke, or to learn something valuable from it.

Hope everything pans out :)

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If it’s any consolation, what goes around DOES come around. I was listening to someone mourn over her soon to be ex already being in another relationship. She is the same person who had children with a married man. Although I grieve for her pain, I love her very much, I have to wonder if this is Karma, and if she even sees it.

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It varies state by state, but in Utah a few years ago at least, it was legal to tape record a conversation if at least one person knows about it. You need to check with your local police to know if this is legal in your state. Then can you decide what to do about it.

I did it to provide evidence against an abusive partner, and this was on the advice of the police.

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Nope…never happened to my knowledge and they would be needing help getting their recording gear out of their a$$ if they did and I found out!

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No, but once a mentally disordered person said I invaded her mind and caused her physical harm. She even filed a lawsuit against me and the other 100 people who caused her harm in the Federal court.

She withdrew the suit after she realized it was the aliens who had abducted her that put these false memories in her head.

I’m surprised she is still walking around, since a condition of her release from a mental institution was that she take her meds.

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One person can record the conversation between two people, not three. this means i can record our conversation with each other, but if i am a third party, i will need a court order to record a conversation between two other people, not myself. here is an example: i can call you and record our conversation without a court order or vice versa. this is the whole principle behind voicemail and the old telephone answering machines.

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@Papeversomniferum I know this doesn’t answer your question and you may not want my two cents, but why are you even considering doing something that could possibly get you 20 years to life?????
I live by the rules of lead a good life and don’t do anything stupid. This takes the whole question you asked out of the equation because it wouldn’t matter due to nothing bad can be recorded about you

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My brother recorded a personal conversation between us without my knowledge. It was done under the guise of having a “heart to heart” conversation about a family matter. So I told him honestly what I thought about the subject, and the people involved. Two weeks later, he made it known that he taped the conversation in case he “needed to use it against me.”

It’s been several years, and I don’t speak to him any more because of it. He’s totally untrustworthy.

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