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Because the Welsh and the Scottish media would prefer England to lose.

As for the English media undermining the England team, it’s probably got a lot to do with selling newspapers.

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Everyone loves a juicy sex story. Besides, it has been over a month since Tiger Woods’ exploits became public. In general, there needs to be one good scandal every 2–3 months. It’s time. Also, on a personal note, screwing around with a teammate’s girl won’t win anyone friends. Those guys are all womanizers, but there is typically an unwritten rule about teammates. It isn’t like pro athletes aren’t constantly barraged with eager women.

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In this case they have’nt. Precisely the reason why Capello stripped Terry of the captaincy was to avoid the ensuing witch hunt from the tabloid press.Terry’s infidelities will now fade away from the glare of the public whilst the media find some other poor fool to prey on.Capello did the right thing for the team i’d have been amazed if he did otherwise.Come on England!!

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Because millions of people buy red top newspapers and encourage them to write this crap. We are also a nation of prurient gossips and love nothing better than metaphorically peering behind other peoples’ curtains.

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They didn’t destroy it. John Terry did when he couldn’t keep it in his trousers.

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The English don’t like to win…. we much prefer to be a plucky second or third. Although in fairness to England Football here, this was Terry’s doing & not theirs.

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