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How do you Canadian's feel about the upcoming Olympics?

Asked by Hydrogenbond (365points) February 6th, 2010

Just curious?

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I’ll ask my Mom.
I’ll be back.

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I am pleased they are taking place here and I hope the hometown advantage helps our athletes. I think it is great exposure for athletes from around the world to see something of my country.

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Your apostrophe is unnecessary. Canadians plural needs no apostrophe.


I am looking forward to it, but I don’t feel the excitement just yet.

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Even with all the excessive spending?

@breedmitch – thank you spelling police, ha ha.

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I am annoyed at the money wasted. And yes I know its making jobs for some but that’s just not good enough.

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I don’t care. But then, I’m from France originally, so since when do I care about anything but myself. sheepish smile.

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I was back for holidays- I feel embarrassed about some things in Vancouver. I think the city doesn’t have enough capacity for the event. We have all the restaurants you’ll ever need, but the Skytrain and Canada Line system is a bit sad, and I just have expectations for a host city to be more metropolitan and developed. We will see…

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I haven’t lived in Canada since I was about 8, but I wish Vancouver the best in getting enough snow for the local events.

My guess is that they’re going to hold the Alpine skiing events at Whistler, and not at Grouse Mountain. ;-)

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Do you think Lake Louise, Banff, or Jasper would be better sites than Vancouver?

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Being Greek-Canadian. I think they are lacking in the original spirit. That of peace, freedom and friendly competition.

I’ll focus on friendly competition for a bit. It means you compete with honest intent, respect and care for those around you. I often see feelings of one-sidedness. Instead of celebrating diversity, all the different cultures and countries. People get so locked up with—the pursuit of the gold medals. We got more than you! HA ha!
It’s not about that, it was and should be a celebration. As far as the improvement, so long all the athletes break their personal records, they are all winners.
The “top” winner is just symbolic for the most part. No matter how hard you train and prepare – chance always has a big part to do with it. So be thankful for it, and keep on trying.

So yeah, it’s not bad, but could be far better if people got their heads out of their…

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My daughter lives in Squamish, about an hour’s drive from Whistler. There is only one road to and from Whistler. A minor land slide (which happens occasionally) will wreak havoc.

My daughter and a friend are spend the time skiing in Telluride, CO. at her father’s house. She says that the area has already become out-of-control. One has to take buses everywhere and they are unreliable. The average Joe will not be able to drive.

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My friend who live up there is extremely unhappy about it. for the better part of February there’s going to be tourists clogging up the streets, overcrowded buses on a crappy transit system, no driving in downtown, tickets that are wayyy to expensive to buy and to even go to the events you have to wake up at 6 in the morning and stand outside in the freezing rain for the bus to pick you up and go through an hours worth of security just to arrive at the venue. Not only that but he and his kids and their kids will be paying for it for the rest of their lives. But they did get a very cool European style subway system out of it.He went on a very long rant about it.


@Brian1946 Yes Brian, I think those sites would be much better, considering the lack of suitable weather in Vancouver and lack of snow. As you know, the Winter Olympics were held in Calgary, Alberta back in 1988, and those sites you mentioned were used for skiing events. It was very cold in Calgary that year, about minus 28 Celsius average. I was just 12 years-old back then.

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My daughter says that people are carting snow in by the truckload, at last conversation.

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@gailcalled – Mo’ money, mo’ problems.

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@gailcalled Trucking it from a nearby mountain and a park about 3 hours away.

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@Bugabear: Do you live in the area? My daughter is heading to the Colorado Rockies in a few days. She says that Squamish is already overrun.

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@gailcalled I’m visiting for the time. Just got there recently. I’m not bothering to go to any events. Just stay at his place and watch on his giant plasma TV. He has a lot of complaints about it.

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I did say I was going to be back. I remembered to ask her, I just never came and posted her feelings. She said she felt proud that her country was hosting the Olympics and that she wishes she could have been there. Not that anyone cares now. :-)

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